Saturday, February 16, 2013

41 Week Recap

Looking at this picture makes me just want to bless my own heart. (disclaimer, this was taken after crying several times)

So I was given 2 due dates, Feb 5th or the 8th. So depending on which one is more accurate, I'm a week to 10 days overdue right now. I FEEL every one of those days, ha!

I knew that most doctors won't let you go past 42 weeks and when we went to the doctor's this morning, induction would probably be discussed. It was.

Talking about inducing, pitocin, and risks, and everything I felt so out of control, I started crying. Our plan the whole time was to use the Bradley method, and have an all natural childbirth. I knew I didn't want to be induced-obviously people do and there's nothing wrong with it, but for us, we wanted nature to take its course.
I honestly never thought I would be induced. I knew nothing was a guarantee, but I was more mentally prepared for a C-section (if something went wrong), I just never saw the induction coming. 

So after talking it all out, we set up to be induced on Tuesday morning. I've cried several times today. I don't want to be all super-crunchy-medicine is evil about it, because big picture this is not the end of the world. But it's really hard for me. I had my heart set on doing a natural childbirth. I wanted to be able to walk around and do most of my labor at home and not have any drugs. I'm having a hard time of letting go. 

So we're set up for Tuesday, but really praying I'll go into labor before then. I definitely believe it can happen, and trying to focus on the positive if I'm induced on Tuesday. 

Random, but the doctor called my skin "wacky" today. I'm assuming it was in reference to my stretch marks, which have completely gone wild and taken over my stomach. Thanks, Doc.

So here I guess is my last recap!

How Far Along: 41 Weeks

Size of Baby: No clue, 8ish pounds, 19-21 inches long??

Weight Gain: 36 lbs

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: Yep, she's still pretty active, especially at night

Sleep: It's okay. I wake up almost every hour to turn over, and some nights I'm up from 4-6 am. So some nights is okay, and some mornings I wake up exhausted.

Maternity Clothes: I should just start wearing a tent......other than Daniel's t-shirt, nothing covers the belly anymore.

Symptoms: Some back pain, contractions, trouble sleeping

Aversions: Salad

Cravings: Chocolate

What I miss: Clothes that fit

Best Moment of the Week: Having the ultrasound and seeing Paige move around was really fun! Those never get old! Daniel and I also had a fun Valentines out!

What I'm looking Forward to: Meeting Paige! She should definitely be here within the week :)

If you would pray that Paige comes on her own before Tuesday, we'd appreciate it!




  1. So I've been covertly following your blog. First of all I will say that I am highly impressed with your consistent weekly updates.

    Second, I am making it my duty to pray for you often over the next few days. We did the Bradley method with both of our girls and loved it and I really want you to be able to experience that. In the end, the most important thing is a healthy mama and baby, so I know you will be happy to hold your little girl no matter how she comes. But I will pray nonetheless! In the meantime...pineapples, spicy foods, walks, pedicure, exercise ball, etc. ;)

  2. I'll pray too that Paige will decide to make her debut naturally (and before Tuesday). I've had 3 c-sections (1 emergency, 2 scheduled) and I have to say, I'd prefer them over natural childbirth. A healthy baby and mama are the goal, so don't worry about how Paige gets here : ) It'll be worth it all, no matter how she arrives. I am anxiously awaiting the news of Paige's arrival!

    Karen in So. MD

  3. I am also pregnant, 36 weeks today! And so tickled as we've had several scares of the little mister trying to come early. I understand what you are saying.. I'm not a fan of induction but I had to with my first one and for medical reasons its a very good thing that I did. One of my biggest fears is a c section and my dr just told me that sometime in the last two weeks my Huck has flipped and is now breech.. I'm dreading this and begging God that he will turn. Praying that if possible she will come on her own and if not that it will still be a fantastic experience for you both and she will be healthy! By the time you get her you'll forget all the stress that's happening right now. :)