Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Update

 I went in this afternoon for a fluid check ultrasound and a non-stress test. As long as everything is okay, my doctor said we could continue to wait for Paige to come in her own time-which is our preference.

My mom came with us to the ultrasound, and the technician ended up being her neighbor, so we had a long ultrasound and were able to look at everything, which was really nice! To no ones surprise, I asked if she was indeed a girl, and she is! They took measurements and estimate her at 8 lbs 3 oz, give or take a pound-so she could be anywhere between 7-9 lbs, ha!

Her kidneys seem to keep collecting fluid and her bladder was really full. The technician kept waiting because she said babies can empty their bladders every 30 minutes, but Paige was too shy, so we'll just hope she is getting rid of everything the way she needs to. Most likely she'll need an ultrasound when we deliver. 
The tech also said she has plenty of room-which I am finding really hard to believe! And also the fluid looks good, so we can keep on waiting for Paige to come on her own. We also got a few ultrasound pictures, which we've never had before, so that was really fun!

After the ultrasound we went for the non-stress test. I had read online that it was about 20-30 minutes. We were monitored for an hour and 15 minutes. 

I was hooked up to a monitor and pushed a button every time I felt Paige move. She moved a lot the first bit, but then calmed down a little, so they had me drink some juice and lay on my side. That got her going! 

Mom and Daniel-clearly having a good time. 

I thought I was having some contractions when I was being monitored, so I asked the nurse to see if I really was. She said I was having mild, irregular contractions, but not in labor. Which wasn't a huge surprise, since they really aren't that uncomfortable (yet!).  Everything looked good for the tests so we left and went to Steak & Shake-a place i haven't been to since college. 

I didn't expect to be at the hospital for close to 4 hours, so I was STARVING!!! Nothing a huge milkshake couldn't fix :)

If still pregnant, we go back to the doctor on Friday. He might have me do another non-stress test, depending on how things look. I'm assuming he'll check me, and I'm really hoping to be dilated to at least a 3.

That's where we're at!!! I'm not expecting Paige to come soon, but we're definitely hoping she will!



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