Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paige at One Week

Paige is 1 week old today! This is almost impossible to me, I cannot believe she's already been in our lives that long. 

She came late last Tuesday night and we went home from the hospital on Friday. There's been a few rough moments, but overall she is doing great. My milk came in on Friday and nursing has been going pretty well overall. I decided to meet with a lactation specialist on Sunday just to ask all of my questions and get some extra help. I am SO glad I did!! Paige was nursing about 20 minutes plus per side, so I thought she was doing great. But apparently she was latched wrong so it was taking her so long because the milk was just dripping out. Not that we've got the latch fixed she's been eating much faster. I also feel so much more confident now that I can tell that she is actually eating and not just sucking to pacify. Having the confidence that she had a good feeding has made it a lot easier to know that when she cries if it's really because she is hungry or if it's another reason.

Daniel said he's going to show this picture to the first guy that asks to date Paige, ha! But considering that won't be for about 30 years, maybe she won't mind so much then. 

So, also an unexpected blessing is how well she sleeps! Homegirl can nap for 3 hours plus every nap!! I would LOVE to just let her sleep that long every time, because then I get to sleep for 3 hours too. But to try and regulate schedules, milk supply, etc...we're trying to keep her close to the every 3 hours between feedings as best we can.

She is making the most adorable faces!!! She is so cute we cannot get over it!! We pretty much just say "oh my gosh she's just so cute!" over and over. So many people have said that she looks like me. And if you compare her to my baby picture, we do look like twins. 

I don't want to say having a newborn has been easy. But, it has been easier than I thought it would be. I'm trying to be very aware and careful because I know things can change at any moment. But both Daniel and I have been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night, and trying to take an hour nap during the day. Daniel has been extremely helpful in taking care of Paige with me. He gets up with me at every feeding and burps, changes, and reswaddles her. I know I would be much more tired if I didn't have his help. 

We are staying with my parents until we return to East Asia in April, and that has made the recovery and transition into parenthood much easier too. I don't have to worry about meals or having someone hold Paige when I need. 

I am planning on posting her birth story soon. I did end up having a C-section. I went to the dr's yesterday to get my staples removed and found out I lost 15 pounds already!!! That pretty much made my entire day!!! I know I still have a long way to go though. 

We are loving our little Paige and are so thankful for how healthy she is and how well she's doing!




  1. She is beautiful~!! i love the second picture of her, she's got personality allready! love that!!

  2. She Look JUST like you! Glad you all are doing well, many blessings.