Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cousins Cousins Cousins

Tuesday morning Paige and I flew to Houston, to visit my sister. It was Paige's 11th flight, but my first time to fly with her by myself. I was a little worried, but it went really well!!!! Our flight was a little delayed, but I just walked around with Paige in the carrier (love my Ergo!). She took a little nap until we boarded the plane.

I kept her in the carrier for the first 20 minutes, while Paige waved to everyone she could see. Girl knows how to work the crowd. Meanwhile, I was trying not to get sick. I never get airsick or carsick, but it was really hot on the plane and I was so close to losing it. yuck.
After I nursed her I let her play on the empty seat next to us-we had the ONLY empty seat on the plane, and I was so thankful!!! She did really well until the last few minutes when she wanted to move around more. So I distracted her with food, ha! 

We went to the grocery store the other day when the boys were in school, and got a lot of looks. I think people thought they were twins. I honestly don't think they look that much alike, but we hear that they do all the time.

(Adelyn is 11 weeks older than Paige).

Yesterday I kept the girls while Sarah and Mike had a date. The girls were really good and we had fun playing together.

(don't they look thrilled? ha!) 

 Paige decided not to nap in the morning though, and both girls refused their second nap. So Sarah and I put the girls in the car and drove around. This is what we found when we got back home. Precious!!!

Paige keeps climbing on the outside of the steps and making me a nervous wreck. She keeps going higher and could care less about possibly getting hurt.

She climbs on the higher steps, but I take her off real quick so I don't have pictures. 

Both girls have had runny noses and now we think maybe a stomach bug. The last month, Paige has been waking up almost every night crying, (which she has done maybe 5 times in her entire life). I couldn't figure it out, but thought maybe it had to do with weaning. Yesterday, I felt in her mouth and realized her 2 top molars were in ! And have probably been in for several days. The last 4 nights she has slept perfectly! I'm glad it was probably just teething and not our new norm!

Paige getting some good hugs with cousin Ethan! 

We've been enjoying the nice weather, taking walks, going to the park, and playing in the yard. I've been enjoying having nice grocery stores with organic options!! We went to Central Market and Kroger, and I practically drooled over the options, even the little things like organic applesauce make me happy. 

Sarah's boys are 7 and 5, and after just being here an hour, I now know all the words to the Lego movie theme song. It's awesome.

We are here until Wednesday, then we fly back to Oklahoma. I hope that flight goes as well as the first one. 

Have a great weekend!



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