Monday, March 31, 2014

Houston Family

While in Houston last week, we had lots of cousin time! We took the girls to the mall and let them play. Most of the toys were too big for the girls, but they didn't seem to mind. 

Paige is getting to be quite the little climber.

The other day, she took this box off of the bench, then used it to climb up on. I have a feeling I'm going to have to keep a good eye on this girl!

My grandma got the girls Green Bay Packer cheerleader outfits. They are so cute, with the little pom-poms! 

We dressed them up right before nap time, so the girls weren't overly smiley at that point.

Last Wednesday, Paige and I flew back to Oklahoma. I was spoiled because our flight to Houston was so easy, I figured the flight back would be.


Even though the flight was only an hour, I wasn't prepared well for it. I didn't bring hardly any toys because Paige was going to be in the carrier and I was hoping she would sleep. Instead, she kept wanting to tickle the complete stranger man next to us, who looked less than thrilled about having a child within 10 feet of him. It was nap time, but she thought throwing her toys and food was a better use of her time. Meanwhile, I'm having a small panic attack trying to figure out how to control my 13 month old child and get her to sit in my lap like a little angel.  And this was all before take off.

So once the seat belt sign was off, I stood in the galley at the front and rocked her till she fell asleep. Then I just stood the rest of the flight. When we had turbulence and were starting to descend, I sat down and she woke up. I figured since she had a little catnap she would be perfectly delightful, so I took her out of the carrier. Instead I think she was confused and decided to cry until we landed. It was so much fun, I am already looking forward to my next flight alone with an infant in my lap. 

We've enjoyed being back in Oklahoma, but definitely missing the warmer weather we had in Houston. My goal is to blog more regularly, so look for another post soon!



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