Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gogo & Papa's House

My parents are Gogo and Papa to the grandkids. They were supposed to be Grandma and Grandpa, which is all we grew up with. But my sisters oldest child (and first grandchild) starting calling them Gogo and Papa, and we've just gone with it.

My parents drove from Illinois to Oklahoma for the birthday party, so Paige and I rode back with them to stay for about 10 days. We were in the car about 8 hours, and she slept for about 30 minutes. Despite hardly sleeping, she did great! 

We got this playset on Craigslist and it has been the best toy for Paige. I knew she would like it, because we played with it at a friends house before. This kept her entertained for several days. 

My mom has a front load washer and dryer, and Paige thought it was the coolest thing. Everytime it was going, she would stand in front and just watch it. I love this picture, it looks like she has her hands on her hips impatient for her laundry.

Paige got to try Gogo's homemade blackberry jam. I think she was a fan. 

Paige, and I'm sure most children her age, loves getting into things. She really likes sitting in large tupperware, box tops, and things of that size. She played with this box for about 20 minutes one day. 

Since Paige didn't eat all that much of her very first cupcake, we decided to take her to a little cupcake shop and let her experience it again. I think she liked it. She ate half of my moms cupcake which was a lot of dark chocolate and icing.

Gogo thought Paige could have her own, but Mama said let's start small, ha!

She did have some tummy trouble the next day, but I'm not sure if it was related or not. She has had a little bit of ice cream and has LOVED it! She cried both times it was over. 

Nothing better than wearing our cupcake outfit to the cupcake place. She's such a cutie!

One day I was in the kitchen and watched Paige go over to the side table, grab the (new) box of kleenex, then go sit down with it. I should've told her No, but it was one of the cute moments that I just had to let happen.

She took out every tissue one by one, then seemed a little confused when the box was empty. It was pretty cute.

One day Papa took us to lunch at Red Lobster. Paige had salmon for the first time and seemed to really like it. These days though, if we go out to eat, it's hard to get her to focus and eat. She loves to people watch and gets pretty distracted with new surroundings. But she is really good when we are out, and I love that!

The drive home was a little rough, we were in traffic, so in the car almost 11 hours. Paige did great up until the last hour, and I was getting impatient, so I completely understand why she was.

We are back in Oklahoma for several days, then we will go visit Auntie Sarah in Houston for a week. We are looking forward to playing with cousin Adelyn!



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