Saturday, March 15, 2014

Park Time

The last few days have been just beautiful here in Oklahoma! So we have been trying to be outside as much as we can to enjoy it all.

Yesterday, we went to the park with cousin, Ava, and today we went to a lake not too far from the house.

Paige loves being outside! And she hasn't really been around water before, so this was fun for us too!

These cheeks are just too much!!!

When we were at the park yesterday, someone thought Paige was a boy. I made sure we had a bow in our hair today, just to make sure this wasn't any confusion, ha!

There was a playground at the park, and Paige kept following all the big kids around trying to play with them. Even though she isn't really talking, I could tell she wanted to play with them so bad! I think she likes to watch them do all the big kid stuff she isn't able to do yet.

Cutie pie!

Love her smile!

Have a good weekend!



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