Thursday, March 18, 2010

this is my random post....

i've had a lot of random thoughts i've been wanting to share, so here ya go:

- One thing i miss about living overseas is wearing the same thing over and over. At the bookstore at the college i work at, there's a sign that says

"of course you can wear a t-shirt everyday, as long as it's not the same one."

i disagree here. One thing i loved about living OS is choosing my outfit (usually layers) and knowing i was good for 4 days. Unless i got really dirty or gross or something, it would be 3 days. Then i'd wash those clothes and move on to the next outfit. I really wish i could do that here and not be judged or mistaken for homeless.
Life is so much simpler when you wear the same clothes for days at a time and everyone else around joins in too.

confession... i have to constantly remind myself to wash my clothes now. It's not unusual to go a few months without washing my jeans. i can think of a couple of pants right now, that have been washed less than 3 times probably in the last 7 months. don't judge me. i like it this way. and i'm not dirty.

-awkward now that i'm at the new job, i walk around a lot doing different things and go thru outside doors several times during the day. i've been in almost daily awkward situations where i don't know if i should hold the door for someone.
i mean if the person is right there, of course, i'm not going to just slam it in their face. but what about the people you see coming towards you to use the door or are behind you, but still at a weird distance, so if you keep holding the door open, it almost makes it worse. is there a polite way to acknowledge that you see the person about to use the same door, but they're at an awkward distance so tough luck??

does anyone else have this problem??? do you have a solution???

-my line for the week....for the past week or so, after i say something funny, Daniel & I laugh, and then i say "I'm funny.' as if i'm announcing it or Daniel needs to be reminded that i'm a funny person. i think sometimes i just surprise myself when other people laugh at my jokes. it's kinda nice.

-again, i'm in a college atmostphere now for work...which means there is PDA. i'm all for holding hands, whatev....but extreme PDA is not appropriate. but that got me there such thing as blog pda?? am i committing this crime?? i would define BPDA as showing too much mushiness for your significant other to where it annoys other people. yes, i'm madly in love with Daniel. but is there a line when blogging to keep the PDA to a minimum??? thoughts???

-I've decided that it's hard to make friends in Oklahoma. Yes, I have friends already, but they don't live here. And it's hard (at least for me right now) to find friends that you are realllly friends with....the kind you call on the way to/from work, have dinner with, go to the movies....Not the general friends that you have in your outer know, the ones who don't know your middle name.

I feel like i'm on first day of new school repeat. i go home everyday to my family (Daniel), and feel totally comfortable. but other times, i feel like the outsider. idk.
I think when i first moved here, i wasn't really concerned bc, let's face it, i was bombarded with wedding planning. Then we had the holidays. now it's March and i have yet to add to my 'friend' category. hmmmmmmm.....

p.s. ran 3.3 last night...woo hoo!!!



  1. 1. Eye contact if they're looking at me, smile, then go on through the door & about my business. If I stand there & hold the door, it's awkward & they have to hurry and the politeness points have been lost.
    2. Yes, you're totally mushy. Both of you. :o) But you're still newlyweds; enjoy it. (I'm not saying "enjoy it while it lasts", I'm saying "enjoy having a socially acceptable reason".)
    3. It IS hard making friends here; I've always put it down to my own antisocial nature, but maybe there's more to it. Hm ... ponder, ponder, ponder.

  2. What I do: go on through the door, then push it back to full open just before I'm through the doorway. It's my little way of saying, "Now you have to think I'm polite, and to take advantage of it, you gonna have to run, punk!" But maybe that's just me...

  3. Oh Jared, your comment made me lol, literally. Laura, yes, I've been in the same awkward situation and sometimes i hold it open and sometimes not. if they aren't looking, then just go. i think it's gonna be a hit or miss thing because some people will be really honored that you stopped to hold the door for them and others will not like having to be hurried...but i would say i'm usually more honored even if i have to step it up. it shows that someone else isn't TOO busy to notice others around them. plus today i went to a conf where we talked about the kingdom culture and one of the core values is i'm rambling, so i'll stop.