Wednesday, March 24, 2010

weekend rewind and surprises!

BEFORE I tell you about my weekend, I have to tell you the best part of my day today!!!!!! I got home from work and found a package from TPG!!!! I was WAY excited!!! Amy has been encouraging me non stop and gives me the greatest running advice. She's an expert runner and knows her stuff. And she also knows how to encourage. Both wonderful things in a person!

I love surprises. and i love gifts. what's better than a surprise gift?!?!?!?!?!

She gave me some great pink socks for my 5K!!!!! And look, an 'M'!!! I'm telling myself the socks are really my monnogram instead of the brand of the socks :)

THANKS AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so my original post, ha!

My weekend started on friday when......

I got off work early (just bc, they let us go at 3!) and came home and did The Shred. It wasn't as hard as last time and i could move on Saturday, which is a big plus! Friday night was also the chicken parm....not as good as last time, but still yummy!

And in effort to stay awake past 8, we had Starbucks. Not sure if everyone knows, but you can get a Peppermint Mocha all year round at Sbux. It's not the exact same as their holiday version, but i can't really tell a difference. I did half decaf/half regular non fat Peppermint Mocha with whip. it's really the only way to go :) Daniel got a frapp with regular caffeine....let's just say he was awake in the middle of the nite for a few hours....  :)

Then 'wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!' we slept in till 8 am!!!!!! ME!!!! We were in bed by 10 and i slept a full 10 hours!!! I seriously woke up and sang the whole song from Fiddler to Daniel so we could both appreciate it :) hahahaha

Then, of course we stayed in our pj's the whole day and just layed around. We were supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow. It was one of the biggest disappointments of my life. Here are the pics...does this look like blizzard like conditions to you??? ugh....where's a good snow day when you want one?

We spent the day reading, playing on the computer, and even had a good game of Monopoly. Now, this will be shocking news....but Daniel actually won!!! (sorry 'forgot' to take a pic). We both had lots of property and houses, but i ended up going out with just a few bucks left to my name. He won fair and square. i wish i could say i was just being nice...but ya'll know me better than that.

We ended the day with a good bowl of chili and cornbread. not the best chili i've ever had, but it was my first time to make gotta start somewhere right?? ooooohhhhh look at the steam!!

Sunday was church, leftover chili, and sloppy joes for dinner, followed by the Amazing Race!! I also made yummmmmmmmy peppermint chocolate chip cookies.  I only baked mine for 9 minutes cos i hate hard, crunchy cookies.  It's a few days later, and they're still soft and delish!!

Mmmmmmm....not much else going on. Daniel is working 3 nights this week. So it's just me. me and the tortilla soup simmering on the stove. Also, my first time to make, so i'm crossing my fingers :)

that's my weekend and my news for the day!!

p.s. been getting up way early and it's going great. Even if not getting as much sleep as i want/need, QT's are going strong! thanks for all the prayers!!


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