Monday, March 15, 2010

week & weekend rewind....

well. i'm about 2 months along now.....

2 months along in the blog world that is. ha!

ohhh where to start! This weekend was busy. This whole week was pretty busy. My first full week at the new job. And i'm still getting used to being away from home for 11 hours a day again. We're trying to get the food schedule settled still so we can cook and work out. Daniel's designated night is Thursday. He made grilled tilapia, zuch & green pepper, and rice. It was probably the best thing he's ever made...minus the chocolate tart from V-day. It was a close call.

Friday night we had a family dinner to spend some time with Mike, Daniel's youngest brother, who was in town for a few days. Now, if you know me, i'm not the biggest fan of mexican food. there are a few limited places i don't mind to eat, bc i know i can find something on the menu. this has always made things interesting bc my sister, Daniel & his family, and my closest friends LOVE mexican food. Bc i love them, i tag along.

Sorry, no pics from Friday night, i forgot the camera. But it was a fun time had by all.

Saturday started off early (6am). Not on purpose, but again Daniel and I have problems with sleeping in. So we got up, worked out, and went to our nephew's first birthday party. We had a great time enjoying food and fun at Daniel's parents house. Family from every side were there, and of course, who needs entertainment when there's a baby around. Baby=entertainment.

Mike in town:

We had AMAZING food!! My fave is the sausage breakfast casserole my MIL (Sherry) makes. She's pretty much famous for it in the tri-county area. We also had yummy pastries for dessert. mmmm!!!

Here's baby J enjoying his birthday cake! He was really confused at first.

Sat night was our date night. We decided to save a little $, and have a stay-at-home date. We picked up wings and ate without any thought of calories. it was's Daniel enjoying his wings....

And OF COURSE, what is date night without Scrabble?!?!?!?!?! i know what you're thinking, it is finally time for Daniel to win a game. I mean, how hard is it to win one measly game of Scrabble right???  Ohhhhhhhhh the sadness that came that night.......
Not only did Daniel lose.......but he lost by almost 100 points, the biggest gap we've ever had playing the game. Now, i'm not being harsh. Daniel trash talks all the time how he's going to kick my butt in Scrabble. I'll let you know when that day comes....but i'm gonna gloat until then :)

We are having chicken alfredo & brocc for dinner. i haven't made it in a long time, so i'm hoping for good things.

Random pic:
Last week i made spinach cheese pie, and it was SUPER easy and SUPER yummy!

i hope to blog more than i have lately...we don't have any super big plans this week, so we'll see!

p.s. it's our 4 month anniversary today!!!!


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  1. Can you send me your spinach cheese pie recipe?