Tuesday, March 9, 2010

wow, it's been a while. the longest i've ever been gone in the blog world. i hope you survived without me :)

SO, I started my new job last week. can we say BUSY????? I think i will like what i'm going to be doing. there's just so much to learn, and i'm still learning each day about more stuff i didn't know about before. i think it will def take a few months to figure it all out and find my groove. 

which is hard for me, bc i want to know everything immediately and be perfect at it. i so wish this was possible.

Daniel had to work 2 nights last week so we saw each other only for a few minutes each day. it was SO hard!! i'm used to giving him a play-by-play of each moment in my day. ( i like for him to feel apart) But to start a new job and have so much more than usual to talk about, and not be able to. Unbelievably hard. I don't know how people do it. Right after my parents got married, my dad went overseas for a full year. I could barely go 2 days. honestly, i don't do well without Daniel.

ok, so that brings us to Saturday.....we had a wedding here in OK for some friends of ours. But first, i had the great idea to do 30 Day Shred (Jillian from TBL's video). it was def a hard workout. And I tell Daniel right after doing it, that it was harder than i thought, but wish she had pushed us harder on the abs and weights.

I couldn't move when I woke up on Sunday.

I've climbed mountains before, and NEVER been close to this sore. I'm not sure what she did to me, but i'm glad she did it!! I even had to use support to lower myself to use the bathroom. this might be TMI, but it's the only way for me to get my point across. Pain people, pain.  

and i thought i was so in shape. HA!!!

So we went to the wedding, here is us getting ready.

This is Daniel's typical shot of himself. If you've ever been around him and have a camera, you prob have this pic already...

We got to the church early....so of course...

The wedding was great...the cake delicious...and my feet hurt so bad i thought Daniel was going to have to carry me to the car...all the makings of a great wedding!

Here are the only pics we took while there:

This is Jason. He was the best man and close friend of Daniel. he's cool.

After the wedding we went out to eat with Brad, the pastor who married us. He also married our friends so he was in town! we went for some great Mexican and were able to just hang out. it was really fun.

Today, busy. did i mention my job is crazy busy?  cos it is. We wanted to work out after work, but changed it up a bit. We went to a park near our house, and ran outside. My FIRST time to run outside!! We ran for 25 minutes, but the park didn't have info on how far the trail was, so we're not sure. i wouldn't be surprised if we ran barely 2 miles.. i felt like i was practically walking. but it was also like 20 mph winds, which i want to blame for not having a great performance.

We just got home and had Burger King. perfect right???


  1. You should have seen my face when Brad broke it to me that you all took him to TED'S... my favorite place!!! He had a wonderful time with you, and I love the picture he took of you two at the wedding!

  2. your hair looks AMAZING!!!! curling iron or rollers????

  3. OK 2 thing- 1- you don't even like mexican food and 2- Caroline is right! Your hair looks fantastic!