Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the big, little, and in-between

Well, this post seems to cover all of it i guess. I don't have a central theme so here goes....

The biggest news i guess, is that I have a NEW JOB. I start tomorrow at a local university in a nearby town. I'm WAY excited. Surprisingly, not as nervous as i'd think i'd be. I love the academic setting and have worked at a University before. It's such a fun environment to be in, and things are constantly changing. I'll be working in the business office for one of the main departments on campus. I'll be doing mostly accounting and budget stuff, which is pretty much right up my alley. I'm excited to learn and meet all my new coworkers so i can analyze them and figure out their Myers Briggs. (i'm not kidding.....)

Here is a pic of me when i got my official acceptance letter in the mail:

Other than that, I've been cooking and working out. Here are a few pics of recent days:

Chicken pot pie

Daniel eagerly waiting to eat the pot pie (sometimes he's so cute i can barely stand it)

Daniel cooked a traditional Asian dish last Friday night. It was really good!! I had him wear one of my aprons bc he was working with flour. and i always make a mess when i'm just near flour...


I have no idea why i didn't take more pics of this....maybe too consumed with actually eating it. There is a mixutre of beef, onions, tomatoes, and spices inside. We fried and steamed them.

So I've had a few days off between jobs, which has been filled with errands and more errands. But while at Walmart last Friday, I found these little beauties (MY FAVE) for $5. I couldn't pass it up. I love tulips and especially love that they're pink.

If you haven't noticed already, I updated my reading list. I just started the Runner's World Complete Guide to Running for Women. I'm only a few pages in, but can't wait to keep reading. It covers a lot of stuff beginners should know, and i'm loving it!

Yep, i'm still running. i'm hoping to run at lesat 3 miles again on Wed.


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  1. Hey Laura...I've never heard of that book but you should let me know how it goes and if its worth the time & money! :)

    love the tulips!