Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend rewind

As blog will be a little bit of this and that.

First...Tuesday nite.....anyone watch TBL?!?!?! it was amazzzzing, one of the best episodes ever in my book. I cried my way thru it and loved it.

Wed, ran my 3 miles and felt really good about it.

Fri, we had dinner and watched the Food Network channel (our fave channel pretty much), and i was asleep by 8:20. i could not keep my eyes open to save my life!! i felt like such a loser. i constantly fight it. i want to prove that i'm not old. so i lay on the couch drifting in and out of sleep, telling myself that i can make it till at least 9. oh no such luck!

but......i got a great nights sleep and slept till 7. woo hoo for me.

Saturday was date day/nite. I wanted to plan it this time.

All you Dallas people who always talk about your cute little cake and cupcake shops.....know that you bring me to jealously every time. So next time you think about writing your fb status about the delicious cupcake you just had...think about those less fortunate who don't have cupcake shops to enjoy.
anyways, that's how i got my date idea. I was dying to go to a little cupcake shop and just googled to see if there was any in the state of Oklahoma. To my shock, there was!!!!!!

So Saturday afternoon, Daniel and i headed to the nearest cupcake & coffee shop. The plan was to read, study language, and just hang out, then go to dinner. Daniel didn't know any of the details of the day, so i had to pack his language stuff and books without him knowing.

Here's us on the way....notice Daniel's eyes are on the road like a good driver :)

Ok, remember....Oklahoma is trying to catch up with Texas in some ways. Places like this new little cupcake shop are a thing of the future here. I'm hoping to see them more commonplace soon. SO, it shouldn't have been too surprising to see the line out the door of our little cupcake shop. In fact, we were there for over 2 hours, and the line was out the door the entire time. But wow, was it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's my Mocha...SO delish!!

Daniel with his chai....

and the reason for it all....the cupcakes!!

i hope you're drooling right now. bc i am. i want to go back this second and eat 5 cupcakes and 2 mocha's. what? everything in moderation right?  :)

Of course, our day wasn't complete without playing a little bit of Would You Rather? They had the game cards sitting next to us, which can entertain me for hours on end.

Daniel, looking ever so intent as i ask him nonstop Would You Rather questions....

After our afternoon full of sugar and caffeine, we head to dinner. We went to a local restaurant, which is one of Daniel's faves. And mine too.

Daniel's pizza...

My parmesan crusted chicken...

That was our date in a nutshell.

Today, was Sunday, high attendance day at our church. We had breakfast with our Sunday School.....and i ate way more than i should have. it was the complete breakfast buffet.

But the best part, is that our deaf ministry joined us for the main service, and a deaf teenager was baptized. He had an interpreter for him, and all his deaf friends came and supported him. One thing i really like about our church, is that when someone is baptized, all their friends and family go on the stage to support them. it's so great to see!!
Anyways, we sat behind the deaf section, and when we were singing "all hail the power of Jesus name" the part where we say 'crown him Lord of all' the sign language was just beautiful. It looked like they were really acting out the crowning of Jesus. I loved watching it!!! I have always wanted to learn how to sign, so i try to pick up a few words whenever i see people signing.

We had lunch with the fam at a local restaurant, and have been resting ever since. Well, not true. I tried to make guacamole for the first time and had my avacado's in the fridge. I didn't realize they needed to be room we're waiting for them to soften up a bit  :)

hope your weekend was fun and relaxing!!



  1. Oh my! I have never been to a cupcake shop but after reading your post I decided I have to go. They look so so yummy! I am so glad you are taking advantage of all the time you have to go on dates. Mike and I go on a date without the kiddos every 2 months or so and I totally look forward to it for weeks! Love You!

  2. ok

    1. my bloglines did not show this new post that is not really new. that makes me crazy

    2. amy and i will be in OKC next weekend and I WANT TO GO TO THAT PLACE and drink that large delish mocha. is speaking my love language.

    3.can't wait to see you in a few days!!!!!


  3. hi

    I just found your blog!, I live in Norman, OK.
    can you let me know where the cupcake shop is?, looks mmhhhhh!!!
    we are always try to find new places to go on a date, the restaurant looks yummy too!!