Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i'm spoiled

Some people (aka my family) might say i'm a little spoiled. i would agree to a certain point.

I like nice things. I always have. Even in high school i would save up my money to buy a good quality shirt rather than buy 10 cheap ones. I like to say i'm a good investor :)

I'm not ashamed of this. I'm not a real whiner, demander, or brat. I just have preferences :)

One of the many WONDERFUL things about Daniel, is that he spoils me. he likes it. i remember him telling me when we were dating that he WANTED to spoil me. imagine my surprise when i realize he actually did. :)

Which brings me to my weekend......

Friday was spent working out, eating pizza (sadly, NOT homemade), and making a Starbucks run. We were actually going to hang out and read, but the comfy chairs were next to the speaker and for some reason they thought it would be better if we enjoyed our coffee while also deaf.

(i have huge issues with comfy chairs at Starbucks or any other coffee shop. i would borderline rather not go, than sit in a regular chair....i'm just saying)

sooooo we left pretty quick.

Saturday we did a few errands, worked out, and got ready for date nite!! We don't have an actual schedule for our dates, but our weekends have been pretty hectic lately so we take them when we can!

(not bragging, but i think we look ADORABLE here)

We went to Outback for dinner, and it was YUMMY!!! we actually received a free dessert too (due to lots of weird things happening to our meal).

this is just fun....what am i doing?!?!

THEN we headed home and Daniel laid out roses and candles. He had rented Blindside-which i have been buggin him nonstop about. Seriously, it was a daily convo.

We cuddled up and watched the movie all whilest crying and dabbing my eyes. I'm pretty sure Daniel didn't cry....

It was a wonderful date and a very much needed relaxing evening.

Sunday...church...good times......

Then we had the family over for dinner last night, which was way fun. Baby J is for the most part walking now, which is always entertaining to watch!

I made lasagna, green beans, bread, and Daniel blessed us with a comeback of his Valentine's day tart. he mixed it up and added peanut butter to it this time. i'm not kidding, i wish you all could taste the HEAVEN that is in this little tart.

i just had one and am thinking about going in for a second....i mean it's practically healthy. he used sugar free jello, lite cool whip, sugar free grahams......again, practically healthy!!!

sidenote: the 5K is THIS weekend!!! SUNDAY!!!!! Sarah had some tests today and will find out tomorrow (hopefully) what is going on with her body. we're praying for something minor!!!

Sarah is a HUGE part of this 5K....she is my encouragement and my cheerleader. she is just as excited about this 'race' as i am. we both really realllly realllllllly want her to be able to run!!

i'll keep ya posted



  1. Tell Daniel if we ever come to visit...I'm counting on eating one of those EVERY DAY that I'm there! :0)

    Hope everything is okay with Sarah and that you guys are able to rock it this weekend!

  2. I am so there unless my Dr restricts travel! Daniel seems to be quite a dessert maker! Yum! I love that green jacket on you