Thursday, April 15, 2010

weekend rewind

As ya'll know, it was BFFE weekend. I kicked Daniel out, ever so politely, so I could get my girl time in. Daniel went camping friday night with 2 of his friends, leaving me with Caroline and Amy for some MUCH needed QT.

I RACED home after work on friday so i could do some last minute picking up and clean the floors. I was walking so fast to my car people actually started staring, no joke. ANYWAYS, after cleaning like a madwoman, i had a few minutes before they arrived. SO i started taking pics of myself. seriously, there is no better way to fill your time. I'll spare you, so i'll just give you one.

remember...bad haircut on monday. my bangs usually don't look this bad...

FINALLY, they got to our house and we hugged over and over. It was SO good to see them!!! We basically spent friday night eating choc. chip cookie bars and talking at the dining room table till midnight. yes, midnight, you heard me correctly. i'm SHOCKED that all 3 of us managed to stay up.

But we can talk nonstop forever. seriously. but our friendship is also solid enough that we don't HAVE to talk all the time. but we really can't help it.

Saturday morning brought homemade doughnuts and my MIL's famous breakfast casserole. Actually the doughnuts are from her too, so we had a MIL breakfast on Saturday. it was yummmmmmmmy!!!

(the first time i made doughnuts they were either still doughy or burnt. I have to say, i'm proud of how they came out. i loved them!!!!!)

We spent the day shopping and wandering all over the place. Well, we got hungry first, so we had lunch. shocking right?? but talking takes a lot out of ya. i'm sure it burns at least 2000 calories/hr. honest.

We also just goofed around, taking pics, and making fools of ourselves.

here's lunch at a new place in town:

After gorging ourselves at lunch we shopped a litte bit and then headed to the mall. Now Caroline always wears these headbands with flowers, and i'm like 'oh that's cute.' but never thought i could pull it off. I found one i loved, but it was $20, so i settled on one i think i like for $5. i haven't had the courage yet to wear it. i'll let you know when that happens.......

in the meantime, we found some headbands that i think were supposed to make you look like a dog, or are actually dog toys.

Shopping at the GAP:

We went home after buying just a few things, and met Daniel at the house. I started on dinner-stuffed shells, and we spent the evening enjoying good conversation.

One thing i realized after the girls left on Sunday, is that true friendship doesn't feed another's insecurity. not that my friends lie to me, but i mentioned something i was feeling weird/unsure/insecure about and instantly they affirmed me about the situation in ways that only they could. they speak truth into my life. it's rare to find friends of such value. i love them!!!!

p.s. i ran 3 miles tonight for the first time in a while.....i almost died.....



  1. Love the headbands! Caroline looks really good in shorts!

  2. I found you from Caroline and I love your plaid shorts- do tell! Where can I get a pair?