Thursday, April 22, 2010

spoiled part 2

ok so this is in addition to my spoiled post from monday.

I did not know that when you get married (at least to Daniel) you no longer have to put gas in your car. For at least the last 6 months, i have not filled up my own car with gas. Daniel fills it up whether its 5am or midnight.

I haven't asked for it, but am still pleasantly surprised and delighted each time Daniel takes on this extra responsibility.

Which brings me to yesterday......

Daniel had to work the last 2 nights, leaving me to fend for myself. Well, my car was OUT of gas. so i had to fill up on my way home yesterday. Keep in mind it's been at least 6 months since i've done this....

I got out of the car, and then thought 'hmmmm, did i turn off the car?' I thought surely i did, esp since i couldn't hear the engine running.

I painfully pay $2.62 a gallon and see our life savings being sucked away from us.

Then i get back in the car and realize, yes, the car had been running the entire time!!!!! i'm such a newbie at this.

well my gut reaction was to turn off the car. but then i was afraid to turn the car back on!!!! you hear all these things about electric shocks starting fires, etc.....

So i prayed, then started the car! WHEW!!!! no fires or explosions.

I immediately called Daniel and told him what happened. just proof that i should no longer put gas in my car, no matter what the circumstances......

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