Monday, April 26, 2010

Family weekend

Ok, so i have WAY too much to put in one post. So there will be one post of our weekend, and another one about the 5k.! Sarah made me promise that the time it took to read the blog couldn't be longer than the time it took to run the 5k...ha

SO Sarah & Mike got here Friday afternoon. It was SO good to have them here and show them Oklahoma. It was mike's first time here. and sarah came once in high school (which has been a while for her) :)

We hung out for a bit then started on dinner. Our guests requested our dumplings that Daniel made a while back. We had a great time all taking turns in the kitchen. they loved it, which made us really happy! we love sharing new foods with our friends!

Then we played a mad game of monopoly. I was the first one out :( Mike schooled us.

Sarah wouldn't let me go to bed before 9, so we stayed up talking a bit. 

Saturday brought cupcakes and expos!!!!! This is when i caught Mike reading my Women's runner book....this happened twice.

Then it was time to introduce them to cupcakes and coffee! We went downtown and pretty much made ourselves sick....but totally worth it!

aren't they cute??

then came the expo!!! i had SO much fun and hit an adrenaline high pretty quickly!!! it was so fun to be surrounded by all the runners!! they had cool little booths and goody bags! i'm a sucker for anything free....which led to a free spine exam and foot arch thingy. i had a blast!!

sidenote: if anyone is in a lull in their running or not that into it anymore....hit up an expo!!! it totally rejuiced me!!!

we also met up with our friend Catherine, who we've known for about 20 years, but haven't seen in about 8 or 10. She was running her first marathon!!


here's me getting my bib!!! (sidenote, i didn't realize the 5k wasn't a competition, so i was a little disappointed that i didn't a time chip.) i mean, how will i know what place i got????

Seriously, expo was fun!!!!!

here's all my cool stuff! they even took a group pic of us! i love it!!!

In order to 'carb up' (ha!) we made chicken parm, pasta, and bruschetta!! yum yum yum

We ate this yummy meal and seriously went to bed by 9. We had to be up by 4:30 am the next day!!! now we usually get up at 4:45 already, but was rough. and plus all the excitement!!!!

next post: 5k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. All the food was so yummy! When can we come back? Thanks for such great Okie hospitality!