Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Texas Easter

Ok! So......let's just say that i have over 200 pics from this weekend. Most likely, other than Sarah, you probably don't care to see 200 pics of my nephews dying eggs. i'll try and narrow it down....

We left Friday afternoon and headed to Ft. Worth to my parents house. Sarah and the boys were already there; Mike had to work :(
We got there and immediately ate Papa John's...YUM! we've never ordered pizza as a married couple bc we always make our own. our homemade pizza is good, but Papa John's...delish!!!!

Grant, who's 3 now, wanted to make a Transformer Easter bunny cake. Since my mom didn't have the stuff to make that (shocking right?), they made a regular Easter cake, with Grant & Ethan's name on it.

p.s. my mom knows how to decorate a cake. she can do almost anything...

Then the madness started. We started dying eggs with a 3 and a 1 year old.....



Here are a few pics during....ummmm Ethan got a little crazy and had red hands for a few days...


my fave from this weekend-Grant on Saturday morning! SOOOO cute!!!!
oh yeah, we dyed eggs on Friday, the 'easter bunny' came on Saturday.

THEN...Sarah took Daniel and I to the gym and tried to kill us. not really, she didn't yell. but she pushed us for sure. she taught us a lot of cool stuff that we hadn't done before, and can i just say my abs are still killing me!! thanks Sarah!!

Here is a quick recap of the weekend:

we had so much fun just hanging out with the fam and relax. Daniel played leggos with Grant the ENTIRE time!! They made airplanes and flew them all over the house. Daniel's great with kids; it was so much fun to watch them.
Ethan is driven by food, so wherever food was, Ethan was there. We had a big Easter dinner on Saturday-ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, and rolls!! yum yum yum

Then Sunday we went to church then headed home. I reallllllly wanted to go to the Gap outlet on the way back, but it was closed. grrr! i mean, stores are open on Christmas, really?

Back to work on Monday, and also got a haircut. Now, i'm going to play my snob card here. I don't like my haircut and have decided i'll just drive to Dallas when i need to get it cut. I have an amazing lady there who has been doing it for a few years, and has yet to ever let me walk out her door not looking great.
i wish i could say the same for the new lady here....and i refuse to keep trying to find someone and take a chance. so haircuts in Dallas from now on!!!

that's my 'quick' recap, if you want more pics, just let me know :)

hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!!!



  1. All the pics turned out so good! I have so many faves! The bath pic and Grant looking like he needs a haircut. I had so much fun with you and Daniel! Can't wait to come see you soon!

  2. ooooooooooo that is such a good post! i love the pics so much and sarah's face in the work out pic made me laugh out loud during class! ha. so sweet and your right---your mom is amazing! the woman can do make anything!!! i heart her!

    love you-see you this weekend in OKC

  3. Ok, your mom makes one heck of a cake! WOWsers. Also, I can't believe how big Grant is. I remember when he was born during training! crazy. I'm glad you liked my resourcefullness of stashing the rings for safety :)