Friday, September 17, 2010


ok, i HAVE to share with ya'll what i consider to be a very funny story from last night! I am still laughing about it...

disclaimer: i am not from Oklahoma, but i am currently living here. So it's never unusual to hear words or phrases that i am unfamiliar with......

Last night Daniel and I went to a couples dinner group of our church that meets every week. I was chatting with one lady who i had just met. I asked her about her children and the convo went a little something like this...

She was telling me the names and ages of her children, then she said they had a Garden Chip.

i'm sorry a what?!!?

Me: you have a Garden Chip?

Her: Yes, she lives with us but we didn't adopt her, a Garden Chip

Me: I'm sorry, i'm not familiar with that term. What is it exactly?

Her: A Garden know, the parents sign over their rights

(her to another lady...yes, let's please include more people in on this awkward convo)

Her: how would you describe a Garden Chip?

Other Girl replies the same way

me: huh, wow I've just never heard about this Garden Chip before.

(this goes on for a few minutes, because i am bound and determined to learn this new term of "Garden Chip" and get to the bottom of what it means)

Her: Yeah, i don't really know how else to explain a Garden Chip...

me: (the light has finally gone on)  OHHHHH!!!! you're saying GUARDIANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her: yes, a Garden Chip.

I thought i was going to die from embarassment, but it was SO funny (to me at least!) how i couldn't understand what she was saying and never even came close to connecting the dots to a guardianship.

I LOVE moments like these...slightly embarassing, 100% awkward, and beyond funny.

hope everyone enjoys that little treat for the day!!

wish me luck on the long run tomorrow!




  1. That made me laugh out loud...I'm still laughing! Love it! ;) When we spent time working in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina...stuff like this happened to me a lot! I embarrassed myself often. Thanks for the laugh! :)