Thursday, September 16, 2010 always

SO where to start??

We met our international students on Sunday, and we l.o.v.e them!! we actually picked up 2 more too!! i told Daniel on the way home that our family just went from 2 to 6! It was a lot of fun getting to know the students (they are all from the same country) and looking forward to our fun times together. It was hard not to host more students.....170 signed up for a host family, and on Sunday only 70 had been placed. I hate that someone signed up looking for a new friend, and may not have the opportunity.

We're having them all over on Friday night for ice cream and brownies, and i am SO SO SO looking forward to it!!

in other news....i'm running injured. not physically, but mentally at least. i'm a little wigged out after the 15K experience. even though i ran it and finished, i'm a little freaked out that i'll never be able to run more than 5 miles again. idk why....but i've run twice now and have this new fear that my running will never get better and i'll never have a long run again. lame. i know. but still real.


we're actually digging into our Radical study at church tonight. we're excited to see what everyone else has been learning so far. Daniel & I talked thru it on Monday night, and i loved our discussion! i enjoy times like that where we aren't talking about work or schedules, but just sharing what we're learning from Father. good times my friends.

how is everyone's week turning out so far?

random: i love the smell of diesel!

it reminds me of my school bus when we lived in Belgium, which always makes me remember some good times and awkward moments of Sarah and I waiting for the bus in our huge, ankle length purple puffy coats (that we thought were cool) and giving our bus driver homemade breads my mom made, all the time arguing over who had to give him the bread...because the very thought of it convinced us that it would most definitely be our most embarassing moment ever......



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  1. I had almost completely forgotten about the breads and the school bus. Aww!!! Memories!!