Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my fave

For all of you who don't favorite show starts tonight. I revolve my entire schedule around Tuesday nights. I will let nothing and no one come between me and


We don't have DVR, so i will turn down dinner invites, weddings, friends, family, running, etc... to be able to sit in front of my TV at 7pm on a Tuesday night. (What's so sad about that is about a year ago i had gone about 18 months without TV and seemed pretty well adjusted.)

Everyone has their American dream....TBL is mine.

It's almost sad how much joy i get from this show. almost.

Here's a little prediction of what we can expect:

First few episodes, everyone is extremely large and in charge, and I watch in fascination (probably eating chick fil a or cookies), all the time telling myself that most of these people have a good 300lbs on me, so i'm doing ok.

THEN we get a little further into the show and people who are still way bigger than me start running marathons and dropping my dream weight-loss goal in a week. 1 week people!!! And I then I start a new weight loss journey every Wednesday morning because i'm so inspired about what is possible.

Of course I get frustrated and mad if i don't lose 13lbs in a week, and Daniel gently reminds me that i don't weigh 426 lbs. It's just so easy to get sucked into their world!!

I love love love love this show!!! I cry a lot when i watch it. I just get SO emotionally involved that i really feel like i've gone thru their journey with them. I also yell. Don't get me started on crazy Tracey from 2 seasons ago. anyone??

sidenote: Daniel came and surprised me at work today with a new journal (that i've been needing for a while now.) Totally made my day!!! i love surprises and gifts, and like i always say....what is better than a surprise gift??

(my goal in writing this post is to hopefully get everyone else addicted to TBL so you can experience the same joy i do, and not get bored when it's all i ever talk about on the blog, ha!)



  1. I love The Biggest Loser! My husband loves to tease me about my obsession with this show, but it's soooo good! And, like you, I'm always ready to start living healthier the next day. :-)

  2. I LOVE the show too. The hubs works on T nights so it's my own little date night with myself! Ha. And...I ALWAYS cry like a baby when I it's prob. best the hubs isn't here. LOL

  3. Oh...I'm so with you on this. I LOVE THIS SHOW! This show is so inspiring to me and I really want to meet Bob & Jillian someday! :) haha! Did you watch the season with Tara? That was one of the most inspiring seasons to me!

    Bad news...we canceled cable so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it online. (sigh)

  4. We are already addicted at this house, so I'll love reading your posts.... you crack me up!!!

    I baked snickerdoodles tonight for the premier... how bad is that? :o)

    Gonna be a fun season!

  5. We looooove TBL! Just watched the premiere online tonight (we don't have cable) and it was so good!! You know it's going to be a good season when you cry after ONE episode...