Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I can't put into one post everything that happened this weekend...so there will be 2 :)


Daniel and I drove down to Fort Worth Friday night, arriving close to 10 cos of lots of traffic. We had a quick chat with the folks then hit the sac...we were both exhausted from staying up the night before wet-vaccing our living room.

We got up the next day (without an alarm clock, it was glorius!!!!) about 8ish. Dad and I went for our 2 mile run, careful to not overdo it before the BIG run on Monday.

 P.S. I ran pretty fast with dad and our mile was just over 10 minutes.....def a first for me!!

We spent the morning eating waffles, bacon, sipping coffee, and hanging out. Daniel and I drove to Dallas for my hair cut.....lost about 3 inches!

Then the day really got started when Sarah and the boys arrived. I'm pretty sure the house wasn't quiet the whole time they were there. Mike had to work so he stayed in Houston.

me and Sarah:

me and Grant:

me and Ethan:

random pics of us hanging out on Saturday:

  Ethan LOVES to wear big people shoes. he was constantly wearing them all over the house!

BATH TIME!!!!!!!

celebrated dad's birthday a couple of days early:

sunday was church....more hanging out...and lots of hydration for the big run the next day:

ethan saying "cheeeeezzzee" for the camera:

grant's silly face:

too funny!

I hadn't seen the boys in over 5 months and it has been way TOOO long!!! Little things like reading them bed time stories, letting them crawl all over us, building houses with lincoln logs, and watching them just play and be themselves....all things i drank in this weekend. Laughing at the funny things Grant would say, the funny faces Ethan makes, and spending time with family was truly the hilight of my weekend. that and all the desserts :)

stay tuned for the 15k post...coming up next!



  1. Cute pics! Kind of wondering why you only took pictures of the boys when they were not clothed? People are going to think I am a crazy mother! :) It was so good to see you this week-end!

  2. omw they are SO adorable! I love the "big people shoes"!!!!