Sunday, September 26, 2010


Let's catch up shall we? Cos i have way too much to say!

Daniel has been working crazy hours this week, and is actually currently away working as i type. Despite the craziness of our week, we took a few hours away and headed to the state fair on Thursday. I had never been in OK, just Texas. I really just go for the food. pictures to prove that in a minute.

As soon as we got there we headed for the petting zoo. I'm not a huge "have animals live with you kind of person", but i'm a sucker for a good petting zoo!!!

you can't really tell in this pic, i'm very excited!!

me living it up!!

Goats scare me because they attack you. Let's not talk about family vaca of 08. don't worry it's all on video.

Daniel getting in on the action.

the yak was my all time fave!! he's so cute!!

 and then we ate...and ate....and ate...

First....chocolate covered cookie dough...mmm mm!!

Second....pork chop sandwhich...surprisingly delish!!

ummm hello!!! please appreciate the joy! we got the sampler...fried mashed pot's, fried manicotti (my fave), fried ravioli, and chicken tenders  (fried of course).

i want you to feel like you were there...

i like this pic cos it wasn't really planned but it captures the essence of our love, ha!

this poor lady took this pic for us and kneeled in the rain to get it!

it rained a little, but that didn't stop us from fried oreos!! (these were actually my all time fave!)

have a good Saturday!! stay tuned for more :)


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  1. I was already craving something I think I HAVE to go out and get something!! :)