Sunday, September 19, 2010

college and cleaning

Last night, we had our international students over for brownie sundaes! We wanted to introduce them to brownies, ice cream, and toppings. I realized they liked it when they asked for seconds!!

We had SO much fun with all 4 of them. We just sat around our dining room table and talked and talked. I hope to teach them Nertz in the future :)

Here they are teaching Daniel a few phrases...(i think they gave up on me, ha!!)

I'm so looking forward to getting to know all these guys more!

Today i pounded out 8 miles. I tried eating a piece of toast beforehand and ran a little later than usual...i think it worked out well. I had energy and my stomach didn't hurt the rest of the day like it usually does. (sometimes on long runs my stomach gives me 'issues' the rest of the day)

Then i went back to bed, ha!! i was exhausted!!

Daniel went to the game with his dad, and i stayed home to clean my little heart out. And speaking of cleaning, I found a new blog this week and so glad i did!

I'm going to start making my own cleaning products and soaps-laundry, dishwasher, hand, etc.... I was practically giddy after finding Rebecca's blog! The downside is i have to use up the rest of my cleaning products before i can make my own. And I'm going to switch from papertowels to microfiber cloths, to cut down on waste. After cleaning today i looked in my trashcan and saw all the papertowels, and wondered....who ever told us that this was ok?

I mean, why have i been living under the assumption that going through thousands (millions?) of papertowels is okay and i don't even have to consider the effects of all the waste i'm putting into the world? just cos it's in the trash, doesn't mean it's done forever. (ok, i'll get off my soap box...haha)

also, when i was cleaning today, i was overwhelmed with all the chemicals i was using...toilet bowl cleaner, tub cleaner, kitchen cleaner.....yuck. just another reason to make the swtich to some purer cleaning methods. i can hardly contain my excitement about this new venture!!!!

what are ya'lls ideas or tips about going green or natural??




  1. Soap nuts and essential oil for washing clothes. Amazing and completely organic.

  2. I use vinegar for a lot of my cleaning. Having a child and one on the way I don't have to worry as much about us breathing in the chemical smell. Also, my friend makes soap, you can check out her site...

  3. YAY!!! You can totally conquer the paper towel thing. We're down to about one roll a month! SO excited about your cleaning. And now I'm officially a nerd because I get this excited when some ELSE cleans their house. Weird. :)