Friday, September 3, 2010


This is my taper week. Which means i get to take it easy as i rest and enjoy extra time from not running.

ha...... hardly!!

this week has been so intensely draining both emotionally and physically. hard. week.

Within a few short days we were hit with a couple of decisions that we're trying to still figure out.

Work has been insane. Each day i leave i know i have a couple more hours of things that need to be done. Easy overtime. but i don't have time to spare. not this week anyways. i hate that i have friends that deserve phone calls, and i go to bed each night thinking that maybe the next day i'll get a spare moment. i hate feeling like a bad friend....

it all came to a head when i came home last night and cried on Daniel's shoulder that all of it was just "too much" and i was spent. We talked everything out, felt tons better and ate dinner. Life was going so well.....

Then it started raining.

For the third time, our apartment flooded. Water gushes in thru the front door (used to be windows, but those have been fixed). Our night turned into disaster. I stood in the middle of the living room watching the water come in and i felt so utterly helpless and angry. I cried twice more last night. if you know me, this is a lot...because i'm pretty unemotional/don't like to cry. i'l cry at church or at a commercial, but dealing with emotions and letting them out is not my area.

I won't go into the DRAMA and battle it has been with our apartment complex (which btw is brand new) to get this fixed...or just to even get help when the water is standing in our living room.

(p.s. the 2 big times water came in was RIGHT after i had just vaccumed and mopped the floors....really?!?!?)

Just wanted to let ya'll know why i have been absent this week....but enough about my drama.....

Straight after work tonight we're heading to DFW!!!!

Sarah and the boys are coming tomorrow. I haven't seen my nephews in over 5 months....which is a crime in my book.

I'm getting a hair cut.

It's my dad's birthday, oh and.........

I'M RUNNING A 15K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah, dad and me are running in the Ft. Worth something something 15k on Monday. Dad turns 55 and all 3 of us will be running the furthest we've ever run in our lives.....

i wish i had time to go into all the excitement!!!!!  Sarah and I have been encouraging and training together long distance this whole time, because we live 7 hours away from each other. I wanted to write a long post about my journey and what this feels like, but that will have to wait till later, because i have to go get all our towels out of the dryer that we used for the flood.......

stay tuned!!!




  1. i love you!

    "I pray that you will be strengthened with His Glorious Power so that you will have all the Patience and Endurance you need! May you, Laura, be filled with JOY" Col 1:11

  2. What an exciting weekend. I pray that the company of family & little boys will give some perspective & lots of laughs. I'm sorry its been one of those weeks & I pray that you are drawing closer to our Father through it all! Love you friend! :)