Thursday, December 2, 2010

They say it's your Birthday...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...quick recap.....

Daniel's birthday was this past Monday. We celebrated with family and a few friends on Sunday night at his parents house. The food was a plenty with hot dogs, hamburgers, hot links (i still don't really know what those are), quac, nachos, jello fruit salad (made by the birthday boy himself!), and a chocolate eclair for dessert. We didn't go hungry i can assure you!


Ummmm did i think to take any pictures??? Right as Daniel was blowing his candles out, i remembered that i even OWNED a camera!

Here are a few i took after most of the festivities.....

He got his long awaited Nook Color. He's been drooling over this for a while......for my sake, i'm glad he got it :) And yes, if you haven't noticed...he is practically bald. He was trimming his hair on Friday, and went to touch it up and forgot to switch blades/guards? and ended up shaving a good chunk off. So he had to cut it all that short.  We finally started speaking again this morning. I prefer my man with hair.....

Daniel and Jason admiring the Nook.....

Daniel has an obsession with knives. He has quite the collection, and i don't really know what most of them do. So, I got him a knife for his birthday- pictured below with Christian.

It's like an awkward family photo.....but we were so glad Christian, Diane, and Jason could make it!!! They're great friends that we're grateful for.

I was planning on redeeming myself by taking lots of pics on Monday night when Daniel and I went out to dinner. However, I walked in the door Monday night and Daniel was SICK. Probably the sickest i've ever seen him since we've known each other.
We decided it would be much cooler to spend his birthday at Urgent Care and skip food for several hours. It was quite the unforgettable birthday let me tell you....

I felt SO bad because birthday's are a HUGE HUGE HUGE deal to me, and i hated that he felt so miserable and couldn't even enjoy his day.

Fast forward to today, and he's feeling much better. Still not great, but i can understand him when he talks, and he isn't constantly shivering like a hypothermia victim.

The plan is to re-do his big birthday dinner this weekend.

I had this amazing birthday post written in my head on Monday that i was going to do.....but i can't really put to words the glamour and fun that happens at Urgent Care. on your birthday. on a Monday night. in below freezing weather. without food.

All that to say.......Daniel, I hope your birthday next year is better than you could ever dream or imagine!
I love you so much and am so glad you are in my life! I hope you know how loved and appreicated you are by all those around you!



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