Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Weekend Rewind

Well, we were busy. So let's get to it....

I took Friday off. I'm a firm believer in taking vaca time. If you have it, use it.

Daniel and I were speaking at my dad's churchs' Valentine's Day Banquet about missions. I had extra time so i figured i'd curl my hair. It's in desperate need of a cut, so when it's straight it just looks dry and bad. So i embraced the curl.

I think somewhere deep inside i want to look like Shirley Temple.

We grabbed chick fil a, then hit the road. We made amazing time and were able to hang out with the fam for a bit before going to church. Sarah, Mike, and the boys were in town which made it extra fun. Grant is 4 and says the funniest things. I know most parents always think they have the best kid, but seriously, he really is the funniest kid ever.

And ummm no i was so caught up in the quality time with everyone that i hardly took any pics. Ah well, the memories are in my heart right? ha.

The banquet hall was decorated really nice with tons of flags everywhere. And the food was sooo yummy!!! Mike actually ate my chicken fried rice while i was speaking, so i had to get another one. BIL's.

Oh look my dad's taking a pic of me.

I'm sure ya'll are thankful to be here right now.

There's the happy couple! Can you tell i'm nervous and sweating profusely? no? Good, cos i'm totally not. Cool, calm and collective-that's so me right before public speaking.

The night actually went off without a hitch, except for when i was setting up the next topic we were going to talk about, and then blanked. This is when i look at Daniel, and say "Go ahead." We're such a good team.

We had a great time sharing with people and answering questions. We're pretty passionate about the subject and can talk about it forever.

Saturday morning i was up by 6 so i could go do the 5K with my friend Jen. I did not realize the temp was going to be below freezing when i packed for the weekend. Sooooooo i froze. ah well, you burn more calories when you're cold....right? Don't tell me if that's not true.

It was a beautiful morning for a race!!

Perfect conditions for hypothermia.

Look at me! My curls still look borderline okay!

We walked the 5K (Jen doesn't run). But walking gave us more time to talk and catch up. Since we were there so early, we got a few good hours in to chat. Which with us is barely scraping the surface. We're both quality time and require several hours of chat time when we see each other. It's one thing i love about our friendship.

After the race i headed back to my parents to hang out. It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day. WOW!!! We sat out on the back porch watching the boys play. This is when Grant asks Uncle Dan to teach him science. He has his paper and marker all ready. Daniel proceeds to tell him about how water is formed and also about chlorophome. After Daniel finishes his lesson, Grant says "Okay, so what do i write down?"
Then he asked him to find him a frog and teach him about it. Easier said than done.

Hanging out on the porch was prob my fave part of the weekend. After being cooped up for a couple weeks indoors, it was amazing to be outside in the sunshine and just watch the boys playing.

The 4 of us young'uns went to Central Market to A. feed my Good Earth tea addiction and B. show Daniel what makes Texas great. hahaah. Seriously, why does Oklahoma not have an HEB or Central Market???? I'm sure i embarass Sarah everytime we go there, because i keep saying things like "Oh my gosh they have a gluten free section!!!" or "Look at the organic foods!!!! Look organic!!! woooooooowwwwww!" Then Sarah always says "you don't have this in Oklahoma?" I roll my eyes and tell her to never take the fresh produce for granted. Seriously, the fresh bread section alone........

After a quick early dinner, we got back in the car to head back to Oklahoma. Daniel's new Sunday School class started this week so we needed to be at our church.

Sunday was also pretty busy.....

Church, grocery shopping, then our church's Valentine's day banquet. amazing!!!!!!!!

The Zambian vocal choir was our entertainment and i loved them!!!! They were funny and so fun to listen to. And i also had my first ever sopapilla. Bless them. Mine had enough cinnamon and sugar to put me into diabetic coma, but waste not :)


That was our weekend!!! Next blog :V day and running. Get ready!!




  1. OKC is getting a Whole Foods. They're pretty amazing. Maybe they'll have your tea and it is all organic. :)

  2. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!