Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick preview

Just a preview of our weekend.......

I took today off. I mean the idea of working more than 3 days a week....sheesh. too much i tell ya.

I spent the morning cleaning and doing odds and ends. Daniel is on his way home and we're going to Dallas for the night. We are the "entertainment" (i use that word very loosely) at the Valentine's Banquet at my dad's church tonight. The youth are fundraising for their summer mission trip, and we were asked to come and speak about missions.
I'm really nervous, but not sure on why. We've both spoken lots of times, but for some reason tonight i'm like uhhhh what are we going to say????

Then, tomorrow i'm getting up EARLY to go meet my friend Jen in Grapevine. We are doing a 5K to raise funds for International Justice Mission, which is an agency that works for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and those who are violently oppressed. I'm pretty excited to be a part of this and spend time with Jen. It's really a win-win.

After than i'll head back to my parents to hug, kiss, and play with Grant and Ethan. The whole fam is coming up and i'm excited! Even though Saturday afternoon we have to head back to Oklahoma. It will be short but sweet!!

We need to be back for Sunday, because it's the kickoff for our new Sunday Schools and my one and only, Daniel is teaching a class. He's been preparing for a while, so i'm pretty excited about it. I did tell him he's not allowed to get sick, because if i have to take over a Sunday, we're all going to Ihop, ha!

THEN, Sunday afternoon we'll grocery shop for the week, then go to our own church's Valentine's banquet that the youth are also fundraising for their mission trip.

Then our weekend will be over. While i'm excited about everything we're doing and the opportunities, i know i'll be ready for bed Sunday night.

Have a great weekend!!



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