Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Week

I had no idea what else to title this.

Monday. It was Valentine's Day. We decided that since we were just coming off of both our birthday's, anniversary, and Christmas, we didn't need to spend any money on gifts. We chose to just have a nice dinner instead. With out crazy weekend last week, we knew Monday was going to be busy, so we decided to celebrate today (Saturday).

We did have a nice meal though, lasagna asparagus, and garlic bread. I know 2 other couples that had asparagus for V day too. I'm now calling it the vegetable of love.

Daniel doing dishes.....

Sarah and i were talking about V day and how almost every married couple we know just stayed home and had a nice dinner. While i would've loved to blow tons of money and do it up big, it's just not realistic. We had a great meal at home and enjoyed our evening together. Even though i'm totally excited about tonight's dinner...we're going to a new restaurant on the lake. I love scenic places to eat.

Daniel's schedule was a bit different this week, so we didn't see each other at all on Tuesday. So I took the opportunity to get in 4 miles.

Last night, we were just supposed to eat dinner, hang out and go to bed early for the busy weekend we had ahead. Then i decided i would do our taxes....because it's easy right??? ummm no.

We're still trying to figure things out, but for some reason we're owing a little under $3000 right now. I was really upset about it last night, because we're really confused and let's just say.... we don't have $3000 just lying around. And with some other things we're trying to do right now, it's not the best timing. After all the confusion and anger subsided, we knew that Father would provide. Somehow. We didn't get a massive check in the mail today or anything, but we trust that He knows our situation, future, and finances. We're going to try and figure things out next week to find out the final number and what the heck went wrong. 

So that kind of put a damper on our already crazy weekend. But i woke up this morning with a pretty good  attitude about it. I think it's partly that i have zero control over this and so at this moment, there's not much i can do. I'm just continuing to pray.

I was going to talk about running, but can't think of much to say. This morning we ran 5 miles. It was a really hard run. I didn't eat anything or drink much before we headed out and i felt it. Lesson learned...hydrate and get some carbs in me first. I was able to keep my pace, but i was ready to walk at mile 1. I kept giving myself little pep talks, so i was able to finish. No matter how bad my runs are, i still love the feeling i get when i finish. The feeling of accomplishment and knowing i just did something good for my body and my health.

Speaking of recovery drinks......i love a great glass of chocolate milk right after a run. It's insanely refreshing! Well, I just got addicted to this:

I got it at Central Market last weekend. The problem is that to feed my new addiction i have to drive 3 hours. It's "skim" choc milk but has double the protein and half the sugar. And my fave part is that it tastes like regular whole milk.....yum yum yum!

After breakfast of sausage (the healthy kind) and eggs, we're doing some errands and getting things done. I have a wedding shower this afternoon for a friend, then we're having some pics taken, and then dinner. We're hoping to hit the hay early tonight cos tomorrow is pretty busy too.

Sorry i don't have much else.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!!


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