Friday, February 25, 2011

For Reals...

I've missed you!!!!! for real though. I've missed not blogging!!! I haven't blogged since last Saturday, which is truly a crime.

Last Saturday after our very-hard-for-some-reason 5 miler, i went to a wedding shower for my friend Carly. Like me and Daniel, Carly met her love overseas. I love Carly! She's someone who will do anything for you and is one of the most sincere people i know.

Here we are:

Opening presents (which totally makes me want to get married all over again! To Daniel, not someone else, ha)

I had SO much fun at the shower. I have to be honest, i was worried, because Kirk and Carly were the only people i knew, and you can't really hog the guests of honor the whole time. But i sat at a great table with a few other girls and one older lady that was a hoot and a half!!!! She kept us roaring with her blunt comments and unabandonded joy.

After running a ton of errands, Daniel and I went out for our Valentine's dinner. We went to a restaurant we'd never been to on the lake. I was SO psyched about being able to watch the sunset over the lake.

Well, we did have a great table,but  it started getting cloudy while we were driving. So we didn't catch the sunset, but it was still fun to just watch the water.

Not sure why i'm deer in the headlights, ah well!

We lived it up by getting an appetizer. While this may look like a lot of food (totally is), we had no problem devouring it!

I ordered the halibut.

Daniel got the trout.

While we love The Biggest Loser- we don't want to be eligible for it, so we did take some of our food home.

Here are some highlights from the week:

Monday, we went to a friends house from church. We had a dessert with fresh blueberries. Now, i'd never had a blueberry before. I'd convinced myself they were gross because whenever you see them in pancakes or muffins, they always look gooey and wet. But to be polite, and because we were guests, i ate all of them!!! And much to my surprise, they were SO good!!! I'm not to the point of wanting to buy them myself yet, but good to know that i can totally eat them.

Our friends also broke out the Wii while we were there. At this point in my life, i had NEVER played Wii or been around it. But we played  (Wiied??) bowling, ping pong, and swordfighting. I wasn't really good at the ping pong, i kept hitting the ball way off the table. I didn't really care though, bc i was just excited to make contact with it, ha!
Also, i sword fighted against their 4 year old. 4.years.old. She kicked my tale!!! It was so not even close! But i loved every minute of it!! Not sure if we'd ever think about getting one, because honestly i don't have 5 minutes to read or sit down, so not sure where the Wii would fit into my schedule.

Tuesday: TBL. I was hurling insults at the Black Team the whole time. This whole child/parent dependancy thing kills me. Cut the cord. Make them stand on their own two feet. People who throw weigh ins are immediately added to my "i don't like them" list. Okay, the list might only have people from TBL, but still....

Wednesday: We had church and we are starting new Wednesday night classes. I signed up for a Parenting class. Before you think anything (NO.), i'll tell you the why.
A. I have a lot of respect for the lady who is teaching the class. She has the experience, and i've seen her parent.
B. I don't think i'll have another opportunity like this before we have children and why waste it?
C. I want to be able to interact when i'm around children that aren't my nephews. Sometimes i kind of freeze around them, because it's new territory. So hopefully i can learn from people who've already done this and get some good pointers.

(sidenote: i was just rereading this and realized i bashed the whole parent/child relationship on TBL and then said i'm taking a parenting class...CLEARLY ya'll can see the need right?)


Grant to Sarah: "Did Auntie Laura learn how to draw hearts in school?"

Grant to Sarah: "Why is mommy's doctors office next to the children's museum?
Sarah: "I don't know, that is just where it is."
Grant: "That is how God must have wanted it to be."


Seriously, i'll write more later when i'm not distracted and can focus on what i'm actually writing.



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