Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nothing new

This might be a boring post. I don't know many times you can say "hey we've got snow and we're sitting at home" and it still be interesting.

But here goes.....

I found out early Tues afternoon that i would be home again on Wednesday. Not too shocking because nothing had changed and no one could get out if they tried. Daniel was off work too. There might've been a few times yesterday when i would look straight into his gorgeous blue eyes and say "I hope you have work tomorrow." ha! kidding. It has been fun to be home and just really relax.

I had cleaned really good over the weekend, so other than a few laundry loads and making dinner we didn't have a ton to do. We did spent a lot of time watching from our window the crazies trying to get out. Car after car would try and get out of the parking lot, and just end up spinning their tires or get stuck half way and have to leave their car. Crazies......

We did watch Jaws 2 last night. The whole Jaws series is one of my faves. Just classic TV i tell ya. We almost watched Groundhog Day, because unlike most people, we both actually really like that movie.

One thing i think is weird (and maybe i'm just uninformed), but people in Texas, even South Texas are losing power or having rolling power outages. It's weird because our temps are actually much lower and our lights haven't flickered once. Is it bc there are more people in Texas? Seriously, i'm's confusing.

I'm off work again today. Again, not shocking because nothing is melting and we still have tons of snow. Daniel went to work and it took him 25 minutes just to get out of our apartment complex. He said the roads were still pretty bad and worse than he expected. I'm hoping that means i'm off again tomorrow. He has a big car (suv? truck? what do you call a Durango?) and mine is little, so if he had problems, that means i should just stay put :)

Here are pics from this morning....

I was talking to Sarah this morning and said "Ok, well i need to get dressed and ready... and by that i mean i need to change into a fresh long sleeve shirt." These are the huge decisions i've been making sweat pants with blue long sleeve? Grey sweats with grey hoodie?? ohhh the options are endless!

I have no clue what i'm going to do today. I'm currently reading Laura Bush's Spoken from the Heart. I just started it, but so far it's pretty good.

I've gotten addicted to the Good Earth Red Tea...which they don't sell in Oklahoma. Luckily my mom loves me and volunteers to feed my addiction by visiting Central Market for me in the great state of Texas.

It's like Christmas in a cup. And with all the's pretty much perfect.

I also got this text from Sarah yesterday:

(Grant is supposed to be napping.)

Grant: I'm scared wasps and bees will come into the house and sting me.

Sarah: No Grant, they won't come in.

Grant: Can you pray for it? (Bless him for turning to prayer!!! love it!!)

Sarah: Dear Lord, I pray no wasps and bees come into our house.

Grant: You forgot to pray that they won't sting me!!!


Sorry this post is lame and random....but I haven't left the house in 3 days, you work with what you have :)




  1. Yeah, we're in Austin and lots of people here have been having power outages. Austin is actually having 7 minute outages around the city to help keep up with the electric power demand. However, the 7 minutes has turned into several hours for lots of people. Thankfully, we haven't been affected at all (fingers crossed!). But, sadly, still no snow -- predicting 2 inches today, which would be a lot for Austin :)

  2. I thought it was a very funny post! I wished you lived near me so we could hang out on our snow days. Grant got your card today, he liked the little people you drew.
    You could also blog about the PACKERS IN THE SUPERBOWL!!!

  3. Tea that tastes like Christmas? Mmm, I'll have to try it! If you say it's good, it must be!