Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Friday night I hit the mall on my way home from work. I gave myself  $20 to spend on a new sweater/cardigan/summer shirt. I haven't been to the mall or clothes shopped in months.
I ended up buying a sweater i didn't love. While still at the mall i decided to return it, because a. i knew i prob wouldn't wear it and b. i knew i couldn't really justify spending the money.
I walked back into the store to return the sweater i had purchased minutes earlier with cash (we're Dave Ramsey people remember).
I was told that they did not do refunds, i could only exchange or get store credit. I was pretty upset because i think that is just really dumb. and i had literally JUST bought it. I used all my negotiating and haggling skills i could without raising my voice too high (i don't want to be that person.) The manager refused to budge, and i was way too angry at that point to want to look around the store to find something else. So that's how my weekend started.

We had dinner and went to bed early. It had been a long and busy week.

Saturday we grocery shopped, cleaned, and did our "long" run. We ran 6.3 miles, and i kept my normal pace the whole time. This was Daniel's longest run and he had a pace just below 11 minute miles. I'm jealous and proud at the same time, ha! We both had great runs and felt really good, like we could have done more. Which is great, because next week it's 8!

We're training for the OKC half marathon on May 1st. It's going to be a bit harder training schedule that last time because i'm travelling 3 of the weekends and finding places to run 11 miles or so is hard when you don't know the area. And a huge mental part of the run (for me), is knowing where each mile marker is so i know how much further i need to go and i can judge my time.

After the run we made black bean quesadillas...yum yum! It really is one of our fave meals. We finished the night off by watching Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

Daniel ended up going to bed early and i watched Hoarders. All of the doctors and therapists are so patient and nice with the people, i would end up throwing all their stuff out and telling them they're crazy.

We had church this morning. Did i mention Daniel is teaching a sunday school class? I'm really enjoying it. Well, we both are actually. Daniel has a gifting for teaching, and i don't. It's a win win, hahha!

This afternoon was so lazy and laid back......exactly what we needed.

We're having homemade pizza tonight.

Here's our menu for the week:

Monday: leftover pizza using this
Tuesday: *new* recipe Chicken Curry
Wednesday: leftover chicken curry
Thursday: Salmon, saffron rice, broccoli
Friday: TPW  Drip Beef sandwiches

Also, sidenote....both of our parents are have left us. Daniel's parents went to Hawaii for the week, and mine went on a cruise to the Bahamas. Funny that we weren't invited to come......ha. But we do hope that they have a great time!!

hope your weekend was fun!!


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