Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day-take 4

Finally, something to talk about other than snow. But p.s. it's snowing right now, and expected Sun, Mon, and Wed of next week. I'm convinced i'll never work or run outside again. Although tomorrow the high is warm enough for me to run, not sure how navigating the neighborhood streets will be???

So, yesterday Daniel went to work and i stayed home. Cleaned out my closets and caught up on my reading.

I thought i would probably be working today (Fri), so wanted to cook again last night. Have mercy the food was uber delish!!!

I made oven fried parmesan chicken, roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli.

Look at that chicken!!!

I ended up pounding my chicken a little bit to make it cook faster...about 40 minutes on 375. The garlic/butter drizzle on top made it SO moist!! yum yum yum!! AND those potatoes...while pretty basic was my first time to make them, and the red pepper flakes were an excellent choice.

I might've patted myself on the back after dinner. I was mostly proud because i just looked in our pantry to see what we had and ended up cooking this, AND i always love finding new recipes that we both enjoy so much.

Anyways...the true hi-light of my day, was this!

I got the Nook Color for my birthday, and wanted to find the perfect cover for it that would protect it and also be pretty. Enter Oberon Designs!! 

I LOVE this cover. I love that when my nook is inside, it really looks like a journal, so less likely to be stolen?? Anyways, love. love. love.

(the shirt reflection on the Nook is for you- TPG :) )

Daniel and i played Scrabble last night while watching The Princess Bride. He won. Moving on.....

This morning i chose this for my coffee do what ya can, ha!

Happy Friday!!


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