Sunday, March 20, 2011

Houston Weekend

Last night I didn't sleep too well. But in the grand scheme of things, my lack of sleep doesn't rank too high.

I slept in Ethan's room and listened to him cough all night, he was SO congested. And he also sleeps with this toy that plays music, and he kept rolling over on it and making it play through out the night. Lovely. But again, with Ethan feeling so sick, i let it slide.

Ethan did get up during the night and let me rock him for a bit. Melted my heart right there.

I realllllllly didn't want to run this morning. I had a long convo with myself before getting out of bed that had me convinced that running wasn't that important...haha!The very thought of running 10 miles made me want to quit before even starting. But off i went.....Sarah showed me the loop she runs in her neighborhood. The temp wasn't as warm as i thought it would be but the 94% humidity? i.felt.that! I don't know the last time i sweat that much, i was drenched!!!

So I ended up running 9.5 miles. I wanted 10, but was totally happy with what i got. What is weird, is that when i stop running i'm never out of breath. i can pretty much carry a whole convo right away. But my legs felt like LEAD the last few miles. I'm thinking maybe because i hadn't done a long run in a while my legs were just tired?

Also.....tried GU. Hated it. I put a small amount in and thought i was going to throw up. disgusting!!! eghhh!

Anyways....good run, tired legs.

Sarah took Ethan to the dr this morning and he has a bacterial infection in his ears, eyes, and now lungs. He is on breathing treatments and tons of meds. The funny thing is that you can see he's sick by just looking at him, but he acts and plays like he's completely fine.

Sarah does the Grocery Game...she's been doing it now for about 2 years. It's this site that tells you what coupons to use at what stores and you get amazing deals. I went to the store today with my list and Sarah helped me with the coupons. My original bill was $42, and i ended up paying $17. I totally felt like i had won something, ha!!! I have no desire to do all the work that is involved, but i love the savings and getting things free. I do a lot of shopping AT Sarah's house. She has drawers full of toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, cleaning supplies etc....sometimes i take things she tells me not to. I'm just trying to keep her from ending up on Hoarders.

(you might notice i wear this shirt a lot!!! i got it free from work and it's one of the most comfy shirts EVER!!)
Poor Sarah is exhausted!!! Taking care of a sick kiddo and teaching me how to grocery shop...all in a days work!

I told her to open her eyes wide here to look more awake. I think she just looks really excited to be spending time with her fave sister.

The boys are in bed and we're just sitting here....enjoying the silence.

I'll head home tomorrow and ease back into real life...working, cooking, cleaning, and schedules. Oh Spring Break......i wish you were a bit longer!


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