Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Rewind

I feel like i should write about our week first!

Last week i made chicken curry for the first time. I actually combined 3 difference recipes to make it. I was surprised how easy it was, and how good it tasted!!! I would add more veggies next time and a little more greek yogurt to give it a thicker consitency.

It may not look that great, but it tasted so good! We served it with saffron rice.

Thursday, we had dinner out with some friends from church. We tried a new (to us) Italian place. I got the baked ravioloi and it was good!!

Friday, I made TPW Drip Beef sandwiches.

These were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, i had never even had a sandwich like this, and we were both loving it! We used provolone cheese. And I did the second recipe from her site. We had the leftovers on Saturday. I'm drooling now just remembering the goodness. Oh, and it was super easy. I used the crock pot.

Friday night we officially had nothing to do. So after dinner, we watched a little tv then went to bed. It was SO nice not to have to be anywhere or do anything.

Saturday morning, we were going to go for our 8 mile run. But we woke up to low 20 temps and windchills at 15. Ummm no thank you. So we ran some errands and cleaned the house until the temp at least reached 40. Even thought the winds were still about 26+mph.

The run was okay. Miles 3, 4, 7, and 8 we were running straight into the wind. It didn't matter what i tried to do, i could hardly run. It was annoying because for the most part, the run went really well. But each time i rounded this one corner, i just wanted to start walking. It was Daniel's longest run ever and he did SO good. It's a combination of pride and annoyance right now though. Because i've been running a lot longer than Daniel, yet his pace is just naturally faster than mine. I'm excited to see him accomplish so much, but sometimes i wish i was the one who finished first and was waiting on him, ha!

We had friends over Saturday night for dinner. I made TPW spaghetti and meatballs. We played a new game, Quelf. It is the most random game ever!!! Seriously.

This is where Daniel had to talk with his stomach. Random and hilarious!!

Again, Daniel singing his fave nursery rhyme while massaging his head.

I woudl highly recommend this fun and keeps you quite entertained!

This morning we had church. Daniel's lesson was from Acts 8, the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. We discussed the importance of the written word, knowing and being devoted to the Bible, and the sad reality that there are millions without access to the written word in their language. Our class was filled with great discussion, i enjoyed listening to everyone's take on the passage.

We just had Panda Express (our usual for Sunday lunch), and have a few minutes before a big church banquet tonight. Then, tonight is the BIG night!!!!

TABI is coming to visit!!!!!! I haven't seen Tabi in 3 years, which is kind of crazy. She has been living in Japan and just recently moved back to the States. Tabi and i go WAY back. She used to be in a small group that i led in college. We became friends and have SO many good times together. We even lived in the same apartment complex for a while. And so many nights i would walk over in my pj's and we would just hang out, watching movies, talking, just being goofy.

Tabi is going to stay with us for a few days, and i'm so excited! I took off a few days from work. I'm excited for her to meet Daniel and to spend our days catching up and hanging out. I'm sure i'll have a lot of pics of our time together.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!



  1. Those drip beef sandwiches look quite yummy! I might have to try them, my family is not big on sandwiches but those look good! Have fun with Tabi! I am excited for you to come visit. I told Mike- I should make a sign for our children-less guests-- "Welcome to the choas and potty-training"

  2. Yummm!!! I make chickpea curry, lentil curry and butter bean curry a few times a month for our meatless meal rotation! So yummy and CHEAP!!!! :)