Saturday, March 19, 2011

WHAT a day!


It's funny how you never know what will happen when there are kiddos around. I'm learning that my need to control and plan will quickly fly out the window whenever we start our ltitle family.

But first....totally forgot to tell you how Daniel sent me off. He hid these notes in my purse for me to open while I'm away.

I love notes and i love surprises!!!

This morning we got up at 7, which is sleeping in for me, so i'm feeling pretty good. After breakfast, we went to Grant's soccer class. It was mostly a lot of fun games and ways for them to learn how to follow directions and run after moving objects. The coach was great with the kids, and Grant had a fun time.

(these pics are bad, but i still want to share)

Ethan makes this face whenever we try to take his picture.


Ethan hasn't been feeling well and had an ear infection right before i got here. Today he has a double ear infection and green gunk profusely pouring out of his eyes. He has a fever and is completely miserable. We're pretty sure he'll be going back to the pediatrician tomorrow. Hopefully he'll (me, ha!) be able to sleep through the night. It's funny how the day can feel pretty normal, then add a sick kiddo to the mix and everything changes and somehow the ltitle things like laundry don't seem as important anymore.

With Ethan not feeling well grocery shopping was interesting. It was while we were at the store that he started getting worse. We went to HEB (oh my word i love these!!!) and it was pretty brutal. We fed them quickly then put a movie on (which is a huge deal in the Landry household) and let the boys just sit and calm down.

I just read them their bedtime book and hopefully they'll sleep and feel better tomorrow.

Sarah made chickpea pasta for dinner and it was yummy!!! Whole wheat pasta, bell pepper, onions, chickpeas, almonds, and some spices. It was so good (i had my doubts at first).

Sarah and I are relaxing with wine and cake and hoping for better days tomorrow.....

I'm going to try and run 10 miles in the morning. Which will be interesting because a. i haven't had a long run in 2 weeks, and b. it's new and unfamiliar we'll see what happens.

Hopefully my next post will be filled with healthy children and good news about running!!




  1. Thanks for all the eye wiping for Ethan today! You will be a great mommy! Hope your run goes well tomorrow!

  2. Fun times! It looks like you are a wonderful Auntie Laura! :) I wish your sister lived closer...looks like her boys and my boys would have fun together and she could teach me how to cook these yummy dishes! :) I'm glad you are enjoying your time visiting. Wine & cake sounds fabulous...I will have to settle for Crystal Light and a Fiber One! Haha! Good luck with your run! I just had a good run and hit the weights hard. My arms are going to be so sore tomorrow! :) Feels good though.