Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Amanda flew in on Thursday night to go with us to Carly's wedding in Ozark, Arkansas. Since we've all been back in the states, this is our third time to get to see each other, which is pretty amazing considering where we all live.
We spent the night eating and catching up on lives....which is pretty much what we did all weekend, ha! Daniel and I had such great conversation with Amanda, and loved hearing all that is going on with her in the great state of Georgia. And yes, we ate the whole weekend!!!

Friday i got up and ran 6 miles...and felt really good, and loved my pace!!

We were on the road by noon, right after a stop to...

Amanda got hooked on Braum's last time she was in Oklahoma, and we were happy to indulge too!

Group pic....

McDonald's iced coffee stop....

All dressed up for the rehearsal dinner!

love this girl!

This is who catered our dinner, and WOW it was the most delish thing ever. like ever ever.

i love this pig!

He fed me well....

Wait, hold on, i need to wipe my drool........ i seriously cannot say how delicious this pig was. best thing ever. Kind of sealed the deal on any lingering questions i had about if i could ever be a vegetarian.....not if pigs like this are still available! ha!

Cute cookies!



People had a chance to stand up and say something about Kirk and Carly....tears people tears!!! These two are obviously meant to be together and will compliment each other so well. It was fun to see everyone's pure excitement for each of them and have only the most positive words to say! Truly a very special couple!

Wedding Day!!

Let's just say Daniel had some free time while i was getting ready.....

You know i love the curls!!

Carly and Kirk got married at the same church her grandparents were married special!

My date!

We love being on THIS side of the wedding planning, ha! It's much easier to just show up, ha!

After a really sweet service, we headed to the party to eat and celebrate!

Kirk is a huge hunter!

love this group pic!

love my girls!

love my man!

The happy couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manly men!

Loved our time with Amanda this weekend, it was refreshing and a great encouragement!

Drive home rockin' the pearls, ha!

This weekend was so much fun and such a time of refreshment for me. Now, i need to go run another 60 miles to makes up for it, ha!



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