Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

I left work early on Wednesday and headed to Dallas. I stayed the night with my parents to break up the long drive to Houston. I love spending time at my parents house, they really let me relax and take it i always feel like a guest and don't have to do much other than be comfortable. I get to be spoiled, and i like it, haha!

I woke up Thursday morning and did a short run before getting on the road. It was pretty warm and humid, so i was able to break out the shorts. My last several runs in Oklahoma the temp has been in the 30's, so 70's was quite a shock to the system! I haven't ran in humidity in so long, but i was thankful for the sweat!!

After a hilly 3 miles, i showered and got on the road to see Sarah, Mike, and the boys. We spent yesterday afternoon making White Almond wedding cake and playing around.

Grant and Ethan love to help!

Ethan's favorite place to be....

Love it!

Sarah made us rice and beans....

Sarah's a health nut, so she added cabbage, peppers, peas, carrots, quinoa, and millet.

It's interesting to be with the boys and get a real glimpse of what being a mom is like. There are moments when i'm like "oh my gosh when is naptime?!" But then there's a lot of times when the boys are so sweet and do the funniest things. And I love when they just let me hold them or read to them.

We spent a lot of time playing outside last night, running races and playing I Spy. It's so nice here (other than the humidity) and it is such a treat to be outside!

As i was getting ready for bed last night i found a sticker on my shirt, icing on my pants, and something sticky on my shirt. Something i'm sure that will feel normal in a few years.

Today we took Grant to his soccer class and have been doing some errands. I'll post today's pics later......i went a little crazy with the camera so i'll try to narrow it down, ha!

Happy Friday!!!!!!



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