Friday, March 11, 2011

Living Life

Sunday night, Tabi came into town!

Tabi and i met at church when we were in college and became really good friends. She just moved back from living in Japan for 3 years. Three years is a really long time to go without seeing someone's face. No matter how much you skype, email, send letters, there is just something about spending time with a good friend face to face.

I took off a few days from work so we could have plenty of quality time. Monday, we never even left the house. We pretty much sat in the living room and chatted it up for several hours. I made dinner, Daniel came home, and we continued to just talk. It's good to have friends that you can just be with. You don't have to have an activity or a plan, but just enjoy having them there.

Tuesday, Tabi and i went to the mall, Target, and Sonic. While it may seem strange to list the places i went, at one point in the day i told Tabi "I really feel like i'm living life." That may sound strange but it felt so true. I don't really go to the mall, and can't tell you the last time i went to Target, let alone Sonic for happy hour. And to do all these normal, fun things with another GIRL...bonus!!!!!! It was really the little things that we did, that brought back a sense of normalcy for me.

Tuesday night we forced Daniel to play Catchphrase with us. We didn't really play it the normal way since we just had 3 people, but ended up having just as much fun! It probably is my favorite game.

Wednesday I worked the first part of the day, then we spent the afternoon hanging out and catching up some more. Daniel and I also introduced her to Slim Chickens, our fave place to get wings. I'm pretty sure she liked it.


What i really enjoyed most about our time, is that i was really able to articulate something i've been feeling for a long time, but have been covering up and denying because i didn't know how to really process it. From talking it out with Tabi, I was able to really confess some things i've been feeling since moving back to the States. And it was great to just be able to say it and not be judged or fixed. It's probably what i really brought away from our time together.

Switching stories completely.....i've been singing this hymn over and over today. I needed it. I needed to believe it. It's an oldie but a goodie. This is the chorus:

I know Whom I have believed,

And am persuaded that He is able

To keep that which I’ve committed

Unto Him against that day.
I'm trusting that no matter what  people say or do, or how the enemy attempts to steal my joy..... I KNOW whom i have Believed, and am persuaded that HE is able!!!!
The next several days are going to be SO busy, but next week I'm taking more time off to head to Sarah's and spend some good quality time with my nephews. I'm also hoping for a little emotional break. I'm exhausted. I know that at some point things will slow down, but there just isn't any extra time until it does.
I hope everyone has something fun planned for spring break...even if it's just taking a day off and having a mental health day. We all need 'em!!!!
And i just want to say......thank you. Thank you for listening to me ramble. Thank you for reading when i just catalog the mundane details of our lives. Thank you for leaving comments of encouragement. I love them all!!

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  1. Ah, the BEST friends are the ones that know our hearts and we can enjoy just BEING together. Talking, listening, running errands - it's not the activity it's the TIME! I'm so glad you were able to slow down just a bit and enjoy that time with such a dear friend. We all need that some times!
    I just love your spirit and your heart sweet girl!