Monday, January 2, 2012

And it starts

Well, I'm back from the future.

I know i know, lame, I just couldn't help it after the last post :)

Today I started with phase 2 of the intensive language program. And I felt the 'intensive' part of it. It's such a world of difference to have 3 hours with a tutor, just one on one, compared to being in a class of 13 other students at a university.

I left class today feeling like I was going to make it. That somehow I would really be able to learn this language. And that my friends is a hard feeling to come by, i think.

Today I learned how to say the bird flew thru the window, the bird flew out the window, the bird flies toward the tree, fish bowl, seeweed, worm, the bird is far from that tree, but close to this one, the curtains have spots on them, and it has stopped snowing.

I learned a few other things, but those were the big ones. go me.

What I wasn't counting on to bring me grief during my tutoring sessions was the gross, phlegmy (yes i said that) cough that refuses to leave my body. Granted I haven't had it that long, but a gross phlegmy cough quickly wears out is welcome.

I had every intention of running tomorrow, but the air is so cold and is aggravating my cough, i don't want to lose my lung on the side of the road. So for safety reasons to myself and those around me, I'm gonna wait on that run.

I would love to share something earth shattering from the day, but it mostly consisted of tidying up the house, class, and studying.

I'm turning 30 on Thursday. I know if you're 22 you're thinking man that is old! And if you're 38 you're thinking, wow get over it you have no idea. ha! But honestly I just don't know how I feel about it. When I was younger my plan was to get married at 24, right after getting my masters, and then have 4 kids by the time I was 30. I always wanted to be done having kids by 30. It's ironic that I haven't even started. But that's what we get I guess for trying to plan our entire lives at the age of 18.

Anyone have fun things they did to celebrate the big one??



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  1. Isn't it funny how our perspective on 30 changes? I used to think that sounded so old, but when I turned 30 in October, I still felt really young. :-)

    My husband took me to Grand Rapids, MI, for my 30th birthday weekend, and we stayed at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel downtown for one night. It was the fanciest place I have ever stayed, so it was a really fun way to celebrate.