Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Insanity

(alternately titled "My life is awkward and I can prove it")

Thursday was a day to end all days.

While it was completely chaotic, there were several good things that came out of it.

We have been waiting on paperwork for over 3 months now to allow us to renew our visas. Daniel is making  a sacrifice for our family and continuing his language study at the university while I study one-on-one with a tutor. Daniel studying at the university allows us a visa and ability to live here. But, in order for me to ride his visa, we have to have very specific paperwork from the states.

It was supposed to be overnighted from Houston on Tuesday morning. We found out Thursday morning that it was sent regular mail on Wednesday afternoon. Now would be a good time to share that our visas expire tomorrow.
Thursday morning is when we found out the paperwork would not arrive until one day after our visas expired.
Cue anger towards the Houston office.

Anyways, long story short we had a local friend go with us to the visa office and were given an extension until Tuesday. Problem solved, however there was a lot of worry and nervousness for a few hours.

Then between the hours of 12 and 4:30, we had several people in and out of our house, and it was crazy! Crazy because no one spoke english but us!

If you remember this post, I explained my bitterness about the extra room that we have in our apartment that the landlord wouldn't give us the key too. Confession: I have tried to pick the lock MANY times.

It was time to pay rent (we pay a year at a time here) and we thought since we were meeting with the apartment manager (he manages the apt since the landlord lives in another city) it was an opportune time to ask for the key to this mystery room.

At first he kept telling us no.

I am very persistent.

He finally said he would bring a locksmith to open the door, but he was very busy. So we were pretty surprised when he came this week. It was a LONG process to get this door open. The first repairman looked at it and immediately said he couldn't unlock it. He said for $30 he could get another guy to do it. The manager scoffed and said no to opening it then. Then I jumped in and told we would be more than happy to pay for it. Paying $30 to get access to more space is worth every penny.

Keep in mind, we had no idea what was behind this door. At the minimum I was expecting a small room to keep luggage or something.

Imagine my surprise when we opened the door and found....

THIS wonderful room!!!! I would classify it as huge :) It has built in cabinets on BOTH sides and it goes to the wall and T's and has space on both sides!!!!!!

It had this large mirror (more on that later) on one end of the T. I'm trying to show you both sides of the T.

This is the view from the inside looking back towards the front.

The room was filthy! We don't think it had been opened in about 5 years or so, so there was a layer of black dust and dirt on everything. (i wish i had taken a before pic....there was stuff everywhere!) But I was willing to do anything to be able to use it, ha! That is pure joy on my face.

This is where it gets awkward. When the door was first opened, myself and the manager walked in. (we agreed to store everything that was already in the room and use the leftover space) There was a lot of junk and boxes all over the place. This box was right in the middle of the room.

Except the box was open and its contents were right in front of us. And yes, what is written on the box is really what is inside. And the box was completely filled with the umm, "product." And this is why there was a large mirror inside. We believe it was the "fitting room."

Not only does it weird me out to have a box of this stuff in our house, but now I look at the furnishings that came with the apartment and wonder "Do we have this couch because business was good?"



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