Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year

Sunday night we celebrated Lunar New Year. The city went crazy!!!!!! There have been people shooting off fireworks for a little more than a week now. They would just go off randomly throughout the day and night. There aren't any rules or regulations really on who can purchase or set off the fireworks. So there are a lot of happy kids around here right now.

Our apartment complex has had the fire hose out since Saturday. It's still there-ready for anything!

Also, things completely shut down Sunday afternoon and most of Monday. The street behind us is lined with tea shops, small noodle shops, and little stores that sell odds and ends. On my run yesterday 90% of all the shops were closed. Here's a pic from Sunday afternoon. This is a little alley of shops that is always open and has people all over.

We celebrated by going to a friends house on Sunday nite to eat Mexican and hang out. The food was so good, and of course I forgot to take pics. A friend of mine made sopapillas, and I decided to try hershey's syrup on them instead of honey. I don't know if I can ever go back to just cinnamon and sugar now.

We headed home at about 10 and are truly lucky to be alive. The walk home was pretty intense because it was so dark and out of nowhere firecrackers would be thrown near you or go off without warning. I love to watch fireworks from the confines of a safe space indoors. I have a very real and intense fear if I am around them outdoors. The unreasonable and psycho part of my personality comes out if I'm near them. I'm convinced they are unsafe. Don't worry, I've already diagnosed all stems from a childhood memory. it got closer to midnight the fireworks got more and more intense. We have windows on both sides of our apartment, so we kept running back and forth to see them all and figure out which window had the best ones. We decided to ring in the new year from our living room window. I  tried to upload video that I took but it never would upload. Maybe next time.

Even though New Years was on Monday, people are still shooting off firecrackers. There were a lot last night and we heard that Thursday night is supposed to be another big night.

In running news.....I'm slowly getting back into it. I ran yesterday, and will run again tomorrow, and maybe Friday too. It's below freezing today so I'm pretty happy I wasn't planning on running today. Random, but I used to write down all of my runs on a print out of my Outlook Calendar. I just found where I had scanned them all from June 2010 until April 2011. I was running a lot! I miss those days and hope to get back there soon. Sarah will be running her first marathon relay in February-her part is 8.5 miles. I'm super jealous.

Oh, and I'm on Pinterest!!! I've only pinned a few things, and I'm getting pretty excited about it!



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