Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I titled this post Wednesday, because that's what day it is and I have no other clue as to what to name this.

I'm tired.

I wish I could say that our new storage room is completely organized and looks great. But I haven't touched it since cleaning it last week. I do walk in about once a day just to appreciate it. And I do appreciate it! I did buy drawer liner to put in the drawers and on top of some of the cabinets. Actually I bought sticky paper that is supposed to be used on windows, because the real drawer liner stuff was almost $15 a meter and oh my word that is too much for something I want to put inside a drawer.

I have high hopes for organizing the room tomorrow.

I'm out of class for the next 3 weeks because it's a holiday. I wish I could say I've been sleeping in, staying in my pj's, all day and watching The Office. Actually, I really don't wish that because I wouldn't be able to handle the guilt.

Life still goes on, with or without class. I've been trying to run errands and get things done. We have friends that live in our city that have been travelling for several months and just returned home. We volunteered to meet them at their apartment when they got in, to help with their bags. They got in about 1:30am. A.M.
Daniel are I learned very quickly that we are old people. I was ready to go to bed on Monday at 9:30p.m. While we were more than happy to help our friends out, it was just an eye opener to us that we are old and can't hack it.
We were in bed at 3 AM and up by 8 the next day. Surprisingly I didn't feel as tired as I thought I would. Until 8pm rolled around and then neither of us were speaking coherently. We were in bed last night at 8:30 and woke up at 8:30 this morning. Sadly, I'm still tired and considering 8:30 to be my new bedtime.

I've already ran twice this week. I had a GREAT run this morning! While I still haven't pushed myself past 3 miles yet, my pace is getting back to where I'd like it. My average page today was 11.19/mile. After taking 6 weeks off, I'm pretty pleased with it. And honestly, today's run just felt great. I loved it. I like the feeling I get when I'm doing something good for my body and health and it's making me stronger.

All that to say, I just ate a lot of candy corn. We got 2 lbs of it for Christmas and I am more than happy to eat my share. This is why I run people.

Happy Wednesday!



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