Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Toys

Monday was the BIG day. I knew it was coming and I tried to prepare for it.

It was the day I start running again. Technically I ran 3 weeks ago, but it had been about 6 weeks since I'd run with any regularity, and that was the half marathon.

Even though my weight didn't change too much during those 6 weeks, my feel about myself did. Even if i'm not losing weight, I love how i feel when I'm running with some consistency. I feel stronger, healthier, and better about myself as a whole. Lately I've been feeling sluggish and gross.

So I headed out monday in the AM (when it's practically still dark and freezing). I was still pretty excited though because of these!

Daniel bought me this for christmas and I LOVE it! It keeps my ears warm, and my headphones in place!

(it's also reversible-black on other side)

And of course my new Garmin!!

I have had my eye on this for a long time!!! Daniel's parents gave it to me for my birthday. It shows my pace, distance, time, etc.. There is a heart rate monitor that came with it, but honestly I could care less what my heart rate is.

I couldn't find a satellite for about the first mile of the run. It finally located one right before the end of the first mile. So I quickly reset it and started it over. I was SHOCKED at my pace!!! I ran SOOOO slow. Granted, I've been sick and was coming off the longest running break I've ever had. But oh my word!!! I kept looking at the pace thinking it had to be wrong.

Sadly, it wasn't. But I was pretty close on where I thought my mile markers were.

After getting over how slow I run, I synced my watch with the Garmin software online. It is SO cool!!! I could see my elevation for the whole run, my pace per mile, and it even knew if I had stopped at intersections, and had a separate "moving pace."  There's tons of stuff it tells you online, but my favorite is seeing my run on a map. It is so accurate!!!

I want to try wearing it when I'm bike riding and walking around town, just to get an idea of how far I go.

In other news......we are having the worst, ugliest, most disgusting weather day ever. I biked to class in the pouring rain. But it's more than just rain, it's the gross foggy dark stuff. I.don't.like.it.

I am SO ready for vaca........just about a month away and we'll be in sunny Malaysia! woo to the hoo!!!



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