Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Confession

I am embarrassed to actually write this post, but it's been on mind.

This morning is Good Friday. I got on Facebook this morning and read some status updates that people were excited about their 3 day holiday weekend. My first thought was "wow, I wonder what holiday is going on right now in the states."

I wish I was kidding.

Honestly, Easter has really snuck up on me this year. I was talking to my sister and she was talking about easter egg hunts and sunday services, and she asked me if we had any plastic eggs at our house or how we were going to celebrate.

I was like "ummm we're going to have lunch with some friends."  I felt lame for not having an Easter basket to give Daniel on Sunday morning. I had a mini pity party that my house doesn't have a single easter decoration. I'm sure I could have found some craft or something on Pinterest, but again, Easter has completely snuck up on me and hasn't really been on my mind. And I don't say that passively, I'm so sad that it hasn't been.

Not to throw out blame (ha), but as I was thinking about it and talking with my sister, I realized that in the states, one is easily bombarded with easter reminders everywhere you go. I'm pretty sure that if I walked into any store in the states right now, I would be instantly reminded of what holiday was coming up next. Is it weird that i miss that? I miss seeing all the cute decorations, coloring eggs (yes we're the family that does that every year even before sarah had the boys.....i'm sure i was the only person in college who still colored eggs with my parents and grown sister), and getting an easter basket from my mom filled with candy and little treats.

I know that is not the point of Easter. And that's where I'm headed with this.....just because I don't have all the cute "stuff" to remind me doesn't mean the meaning is lost. You would think that without all the media hype and distractions of the easter bunny, it would be easier to remember the reason we celebrate. And it should be that way. But this is my honest hasn't been that way this year. I don't know if it's because things are busy and I really try to take each day one at a time, and that has kept me from looking forward.

My hope for today is to know His nearness. I want to be in awe of His saving power and the new life that He has given to me. I don't want Easter to come and go and the only thing I remember is that I need to make the jello salad for our Sunday lunch. I want to be caught up in Him. And only Him, my risen Savior!



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  1. Good thoughts, friend! I'm sorry you're missing all the "fun" parts of Easter. But I hope that you do know and feel and touch the meaning this year! I just bought stuff for my kiddos Easter baskets and was just thinking how am I going to teach them the real meaning amidst all of this hoopla...and actually was thinking we lived somewhere else where I didn't succomb to the pressure of commercialized Easter. Although we have the best Easter book ever that teaches how all the fun parts okay...but emphasizes what we are really celebrating. Ok..I'm rambling. :) Love ya, friend! :)