Tuesday, April 3, 2012

zumba-asian style

So i joined the gym I told ya'll about. I got an AMAZING deal and i'm pretty excited about it. My incentive for joining was 10 free passes to give to friends. One of my friends has been wanting to try the spin class, so we met up last night to go.
Come to find out, spin class was cancelled for 3 days because of "t he holiday." I use that word loosely because it's not a major holiday-Daniel is out of class and some banks and businesses are closed, but guess who is still in class this week? yep, just call me an over achiever, ha!

Anyways....spin was cancelled but they asked if we wanted to go to the other group exercise class. We live on the edge so we said of course. It was actually a Zumba class. Now, I have never attended a zumba class in the states, so I didn't know what to expect. Let's just say it had an Asian twist for sure!!

My friend and I were sweating it all off for sure, but it was so much fun! The dance moves were interesting....but oh so much fun!

I say, if you are ever lacking entertainment in your life....please try any work out class in Asia. It's so much fun!!

Maybe all the spinning and zumba is getting to me. I have been having what I would classify as "excessive thirst," lately and feel like i am drinking water non-stop, and just can't get enough. So I tried to self-diagnose and came up with diabetes or iron poisoning. I really don't see how either can apply to me, but seriously non.stop.thirst. ideas??

also, random...but I had a root beer today. I was at an import store, and seize the day i did.



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