Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keepin it real

Last Saturday Daniel and I had a breakfast date at a western restaurant. It was so good!!! I love breakfast! And I love having someone else make my coffee :)

Daniel enjoying his omelet and looking kind of nervous.

Yummm french toast!

After our date, we came home and I lived in the kitchen for the next several hours. We were having friends over the next day, and i wanted to make TPW cinnamon rolls. They really are so good!

And I added chocolate chips because why wouldn't you?

Please note all of the flour on the floor. It's not as easy at it looks people.

Daniel caught me getting some of the leftover cinnamon sugar glaze off the counter. no shame.

This week was my teacher's birthday. I got her a small present that cost just a few dollars. She had the best reaction and was so grateful! After I gave it to her she was saying that she wasn't expecting any presents for her birthday and she was so excited because she got two presents this year. I was so happy to celebrate her birthday with her! She was a great reminder that it really isn't all about the presents. ahhh...perspective.

The next few days is a holiday here, so Daniel and I are leaving tomorrow for the mountains. For reals........I cannot wait to be there!

I'm not taking my computer so I'm not sure if I'll blog or not. But don't worry when I get back I promise to post pics of everything we ate :)

Happy weekend!



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  1. Can you make me TPW cinnamon rolls when you come see me please?! I don't care if you are messy with the flour!