Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week in pictures

Before we left the states, a friend of mine gave me her old Iphone to use over here. I had never had an iphone, so even though i've been using it for a few months now, I still forget how many cool things it can do.

Like take pictures. I always usually bring my camera with me, but as of yesterday have realized how much more convenient it is to use my phone.

Here's my week!

Earlier this week I made a strawberry-pineapple-orange-spinach smoothie. It tasted really good!!

sidenote: i need to get some glasses that are big enough to hold my smoothie!

Yesterday, I went for a walk. I like to take walks to try and get lost and to explore new things around our house...which isn't too hard to do. I truly believe that there are little treasures just waiting to be found, I just need to look.

Case in point:

I found this cute store that had lots of beauty products. They actually sold the regular bottles of OPI, but they were $13, and seriously? But I love that no matter what country I'm in...Texas is representin'!! know when you buy make up from a department store and you get the free gift with purchase? They had tons of the little free sample things. But again...each was about $10. And I know these were originally free!

Our complex is really sprucing up the place for spring. It makes me happy! I love seeing all the flowers!

Last night I made lasagna. I was totally planning on doing vegetarian, but it was a long busy day and I didn't want to take the time to try a new recipe. And my regular meat lasagna is way easy to make, and I hate to brag, but oh so good! So I sauteed up some spinach and we called it a meal!

(i feel the need to clarify, this is Daniel's plate)

This morning I went to a local orphanage. That will be a separate post. I'm still processing everything. It was hard to see. The kids were so excited to see us and to have us play with them. But I had a hard time dealing with the conditions and care they receive. More on that later.

But...ya'll know I was all sad about Easter this year. And I told Daniel this was going to be the first year I wouldn't have an easter basket. Shocking, I know. But seriously my mom has always made sure I had one...even mailing it to me last time I lived overseas. Lame, maybe. But still. I thrive on tradition. So guess what I saw when I came home today?

Ya'll, he really is the best!!! Not sure if you can tell, but he made me a basket out of a planter, and filled it with lots of really good yummy treats!!! I never buy peanut m&m's because i think they're too expensive. So I am so excited to eat these soon!

That was my week! Happy Easter!



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