Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Rewind

We are experiencing beautiful weather here! We have had sunshine for several days in a row and I am so happy! Look at these pretty flowers and trees!

(this was actually taken a few days ago when it was pretty cloudy)

This past week was spent mostly in language study. March and April are months that we knew we wouldn't be doing much travelling, so we're really trying to focus as much on language as we can right now, before the busy summer.
It's April, ya'll. Seriously where did the time ago?? I'm almost 30 and 1/4. Way too close to being 31 for my comfort.

Friday night we go to a weekly english corner to help locals learn english. This week we talked about wisdom, foolishness, and making good decisions. It was a great reminder of who is the giver of all wisdom.

Saturday was a weird day.

We got a text message from a friend who lives in our apartment complex at 7:30am that we were supposed to be without electricity from 8am -6pm. I was still in bed, so Daniel came and told me so we could hurry up and prepare for the day. We plugged in phones and computers to get as much charge as we could, got everything out of the fridge that we would need, made coffee, and then just waited. And waited. Finally, the power did go out about 10am, but came back on at 12 and stayed on. Hear me, I am NOT complaining, but it was kind of funny to prepare for a day without power and then not be inconvenienced at all. Pretty anti-climatic.

What wasn't anti-climatic is what happened later Saturday afternoon. Daniel heard what sounded like water running. Yes, water was running. In fact it was pretty much gushing from our hot water heater onto our enclosed patio/laundry room. We are SO thankful that a) we were home to catch it before it went too far and b) our electric plugs and things for the washer/dryer were high enough to not be effected.

So.........we get a repairman to come and he says there are many problems and we need a new one. We totally believe him because we've had problems in the past with it. We call the landlord who argues with the repairman that we probably don't need a new one.

Long story, short our landlord is planning on coming Monday morning to assess the situation. I'm really hoping he sees hot water as a necessity.

Also....because ya'll know I'm not a regular shower-taker (unless I work out), I hadn't showered since Thursday night. I don't mind my body not getting a shower, but my hair can get oi-ly! Thankfully, it is pretty common to just go get your hair washed at the many nearby hair salons. So I paid $4 and got a hairwash and dry.

Here's me this morning.  My eyes are kind of squinty because my eyes are just kind of squinty.

I need a haircut, and I'm actually thinking get a few inches off! We'll see......

Oh...i forgot to tell ya'll..... last weekend I watched my FIRST Star Wars movie! They really aren't that bad, and kind of entertaining. Last night we watched the second one, Empire Strikes Back. I want to watch them all in the order they were originally released.

And.....I'm trying to cook vegetarian this week. Because veggies are cheap and healthy, and why not I say? We'll be eating eggplant bake, vegetarian lasagna, and fish. Does fish count? I think some vegetarians eat fish right?? And i'm still trying to find a good recipe for veggie lasagna, so hook a sister up if ya'll have one!



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