Wednesday, February 17, 2010


this is random....

SO..Daniel and I were visiting some friends in Washington last summer, and our friend made me some of the best coffee i've ever had. He had an Aeropress. It's this cool and EASY way to make coffee. You are basically making espresso shots, and then choosing to make regular coffee, espresso, latte......etc...

You basically fill the tube thing with a couple of scoops of coffee (i prefer 3 per mug but i like STRONG coffee). Then you add water, stir, and push down. It makes the coffee that quickly!!! Then you just add hot water to your mug and enjoy!

Daniel bought me my very own Aeropress for our 1 year dating anniversary.

(sidenote, i now feel the need to always clarify if it's a dating or married anniversary, idk why).

Our friend makes several espresso shots at once, and keeps them in the refrigerator. That way, you just add hot water and have as much (or little) coffee as you want. I haven't done this yet, i still just make it every day. And it takes less than a minute. And it's SOOOO easy to clean.

Remember: less than a minute to make, and about 10 seconds to clean. i know....where has this been all your life :) And it's pretty inexpensive, i think it was $25 on Amazon.

-it's still cold here. The wind chill is in the teens, and the temp's are in the 20's......
-the OLYMPICS are on!!!!
-When I first met Daniel, he was worried we wouldn't be able to be friends because of our differences, ha!
-i once climbed an active volcano in the dark
-i've always wanted to have a t-shirt that says 'STAFF' on the back.....don't ask me why. i think i thought it would make me cool or something....



  1. Nice...if I drank coffee more than once a year then I might make the investment.

    Nice to see you're excited about the little things in life! :)

  2. And those friends would love for you both to come back and enjoy more coffee!! :o)

  3. omg this looks amazing!!!! and perhaps the perfect sneak around from the HORRID work coffee! Beto keeps raving about the french press... this kinda looks like the french press's kid sister! Think I just found my bday present to myself!

  4. Ohh! I am looking forward to my morning coffee at your house. Sidenote- I didn't have my coffee this morning till 10a.m. and I think I had a caffiene heachache. Think I am addicted?